Notre Dame & the Saint Mary's Community

Notre Dame and our Community

Notre Dame, Indiana, is not a city you can find on any major map, but it has a population of more than 12,000 from September through May. Saint Mary’s College and Holy Cross College share this unique mailing address, and much more, with the University of Notre Dame.

Saint Mary’s academic program is complemented by a unique co-exchange program with Notre Dame . This relationship provides Notre Dame students the opportunity to share the small class atmosphere at Saint Mary’s while Saint Mary’s students benefit from the expanded course offerings at Notre Dame.

Outside the classroom, Saint Mary’s students team up with Notre Dame students to produce the Observer, the Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s daily newspaper, and they add to the spirit of Notre Dame football weekends as members of the University of Notre Dame Marching Band. If a student’s interests are more athletic, Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame offer many co-sponsored club sports.

"The co-exchange between Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame gives students the best of both worlds. We have the chance to take classes on either campus, and also to participate in dances, sports events, concerts, clubs and volunteer projects together. And, of course, we’re making lifelong friends along the way." – Jessica Delgado