Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions



I am studying abroad for following fall semester. How do I arrange for on-campus housing for spring semester 2014?

We hope that you enjoy your semester abroad, and we look forward to welcoming you back to campus!  While you are abroad, you will get emails from our office outlining what you need to do to request on-campus housing for spring semester.


I am studying abroad this current spring semester and will miss Room Selection. What do I need to do to get a room for Fall 2014?

You will designate a Saint Mary's student who will be present in the Spring for Room Selection to go through the process on your behalf.


What if it doesn't work out with my roommate when I return to campus for Spring semester?

Your RA, Hall Director, and the staff of Residence Life & Community Standards are here to help in your transition back to campus after your time abroad. If you feel as though you and your roommate cannot live civilly and respectfully together for the Spring semester, you can take advantage of the designated Open Room Change date. An email will be sent out to all students regarding this process in early January.

I am studying abroad for following Spring semester, but my roommate is not. What will happen to her?

Any student who has a vacant space in her room must be prepared for the possibility that we will place a student in that vacant space. Please refer to section 4b of the Housing Contract: "If a space becomes vacant in a student's room, the Department of Residence Life reserves the right to assign a temporary or permanent roommate AT ANY TIME. The remainined resident(s) should make welcome a new roommate and leave empty one bed, closet, dresser and desk for each vacant space in the room."

If your roommate has a friend returning from abroad, she can certainly request this student to be placed in the room with her. If she is uncomfortable with the prospect of having a student placed in the vacant space, she has the option of moving into a single room on campus.if one is available.