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Advancement Update An update from Saint Mary's College Vice President for Advancement, Holly C. Johnson. Avenue News Saint Mary's presents Avenue News. Check out what's happening on campus this spring as we celebrate Black History Month, Gilman Scholars and students who are suggesting changes to make campus safer. Do It Anyway Read More Do It Anyway The pandemic has reminded us what Black, Indigenous, people of color, and transgender people, disabled people, and women have always known: that inequality and injustice are embedded in every fiber of our global community. And that we are, and have always been, a global community. For the Historical Record Read More For the Historical Record For most of American history, women have been underrepresented or misrepresented, if represented at all, for their contributions to our country. It was this reason that national leaders designated an annual month to highlight women’s achievements. After hundreds of years of exclusion, there is a lot of work to be done. Ironwomen Read More Ironwomen There’s only one athletic event in modern history that is considered the most challenging one-day race. Known as the Ironman Triathlon, ultra-athletes complete a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride, and a 26.22 mile run. Completing this race can take up to 17 hours, and our Ironman alumnae are demonstrating their mental and physical strength. Passing the Baton Read More Passing the Baton Watching Keith Egan, theology professor and Carmelite scholar, and Daniel Horan, Catholic priest and Franciscian friar, joke about the best term to use for ‘spiritual direction’ is a reminder that the study of spirituality is as everyday as it is serious scholarly work. Concept to Creation Read More Concept to Creation Last summer, 25 women stepped into a college classroom; for many it was the first time in years. One was a farmer, one a photographer, another an artist. On that Tuesday evening in August, others joined, each for different reasons and all from different backgrounds. No one knew each other—and no one felt confident. But they all had an idea for a business. Saint Mary’s Answers the Call for Synod Read More Saint Mary’s Answers the Call for Synod Pope Francis has invited every person in the world to let him know what they think of and hope for the Catholic Church, and Saint Mary’s is answering with a loud, resounding voice. Guest Book is Living Record of Visitors Read More Guest Book is Living Record of Visitors “Welcome to Saint Mary’s College. We are honored by your presence. Please sign this guest book as a remembrance for us of your visit.” - Carol A. Mooney, President of Saint Mary’s College (2004-2011) Sow Your Goodness Read More Sow Your Goodness This week we marked the beginning of Lent with multiple Ash Wednesday services. In a letter to the community, President Conboy reflects on the words of Pope Francis, who asks that we slow down, care for others, and focus our prayers on peace in Ukraine.