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Welcome Dr. Conboy!

Please take a moment to read and share a message of congratulations and welcome Dr. Katie Conboy to the Saint Mary's College community. Your comments will be moderated and shared online with the College community unless indicated.

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Welcome, Dr. Conboy! As alumnae, we are excited to see the great places you will lead our beloved institution in the years to come. I look forward to meeting you on campus this summer at my five-year reunion!

Nicole O'Toole


Welcome to Saint Mary's Dr. Conboy! I am so excited to finish my time here at Saint Mary's with such a strong female leader and role model as my president.

Rebecca Ward


Welcome home, Dr. Conboy!

Elizabeth Rossick


Welcome aboard! Saint Mary's is a superb educational institution who put a foreigner on a completely different trajectory due to scholarship I received back in 1976. Wish you all the best.

Moni Schwaerzler


Congratulations, Dr. Conboy! Thank you for sharing your life with Saint Mary's and for walking with us on the journey ahead!

Samantha Grady


Dear Dr. Conboy,
Welcome to SMC, and congratulations! You are joining an outstanding community, and I look forward to your tenure.
With gratitude, Sr. Anne Wachter, RSCJ '84

Anne Wachter, RSCJ

alumna 1984

We welcome you with open arms and full hearts! Congratulations on becoming a Belle!

Julia Fletcher Lee

Alumna 2002

Congratulations! I am class of 68 and live in nearby Granger. Welcome to St Mary’s and the South Bend area. I hope you enjoy our midwest hospitality! God bless you as you begin your presidency. Christine Kerby

Christine Ghyselinck Kerby


Congratulations Dr. Katie Conboy! I am excited to see you as president of Saint Mary’s College and hope that you come to love it as much as I do. There is something very special about the Saint Mary’s campus and women. I am currently finishing up my Doctorate in Audiology at Northeastern University and am looking to stay in Boston post graduation for work. I sure that you will miss Boston, but South Bend is an amazing college city. Best of luck!

Alyssa Smith

Alumna, Class of 2016

Welcome to Saint Mary’s!

Cer Cee Van Hecke

Class of 1961

Congratulations Dr. Conboy! The Saint Mary's community looks forward to growing under your leadership. As a proud alumna, I am excited to hear about your vision and work with you to realize your vision. As a former student of Dr. N, my personal thanks for the her dedication to Saint Mary's over the past 2 years. The current and future students at Saint Mary's are lucky to have two amazing women as their role models.

Shannon Terrill


Welcome to Saint Mary’s! As a 1983 graduate and the mother of a 2013 graduate, I am thrilled to have a president with a proven commitment to women’s education as our new leader. I look forward to meeting you and lending my support in whatever way you need.

Sarah Clarke Madigan


Congratulations Dr. Conboy! SMC is very special to me even though I reside in North Carolina. While not active in the Triangle Chapter, I support all our Alumni do to remain loyal and dedicated to a fine women's college. One that inspired me and led me to a career that I love. The best to you at SMC!

Rita Winsor (Martinez)


Welcome Dr. Conboy! My three sisters and I are all proud graduates of Saint Mary's and we wish you the very best as you begin this new chapter in your professional life. I will be on campus at my reunion in June and look forward to meeting you.

Meg Broderick Olsen

graduate of the Class of 1980

Welcome home, Dr. Conboy! The Belles are so excited to have you on campus.

Deirdre Drinkall


Congratulations, Dr. Conboy! Thank you for sharing your warm and authentic self on video. As a proud alum with a daughter who saw firsthand how remarkable Saint Mary's is during her own tour, I wish you success in leading an exceptional college.

Elaine Tsiumas Kaznessis

Alumna, SMC '98

Welcome to SMC! Your acceptance speech was amazing. So thrilled to have you lead my beloved Alma Mater into the future.

Sally McNulty (Vita)

Alumna Class of 1982

¡Bienvenido! We couldn’t be happier with our daughters choice for college, and her new president!!

Tim Marroquin

Parent - Class of 2021

Welcome to our great institution. I am confident that you will continue to build a great "home" here. Wonderful introductory talk you gave today and appreciate your reading of the poem. Congratulations!

Suzanne Brennan

Sister of the Holy Cross

I am excited that Saint Mary's has found such a competent, dynamic and experienced leader! You will be a good fit for the SMC community. Be assured of prayerful support as you build on our strengths and lead us to an exciting future! Welcome!

Sister Judy Hallock, CSC

Alumna and Sister of the Holy Cross

Dear Dr. Conboy~ Congratulations on your selection to serve as President of Saint Mary's College. We are excited at the prospect of your leadership and mentoring of so many young women of the Saint Mary's community. Our daughter, Caitlin, is a Sophomore Art Major, who has truly blossomed as a Belle. We look forward to your tenure being a success, and are excited to continue to assist in the advancement of Saint Mary's College.

Roy & Karla Wirtz


Welcome to Saint Mary’s!!! I hope you will find a home here, I know I did fifty some years ago.
I wish you all the best.

Mary Beth Buescher


Congratulations and welcome to a great place for educating women! St Mary’s is special, and many of us, like you , want to see it continue in a meaningful and vibrant way. Wishing you all the best!

Mary Chmielewski Golichowski

Alumna 1967

Congratulations and welcome to Saint Mary's College! At this time, my daughter is away doing study abroad in Maynooth, Ireland. We are excited to meet you in the fall.

Ryan Willette

Parent of a future 2022 graduate.

Welcome to Saint Mary's! I wish you all the best!

Jeanne Conboy Kosmala

Class of 1978

Congratulations President Conboy. That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
On behalf of your 29 presidential colleagues, I welcome you to our state and to the Independent Colleges of Independent Colleges of Indiana.
You will find your presidential colleagues to be warm, inviting, and helpful. And you can count on ICI to do all we can to help you and Saint Mary's College to thrive. We exist to serve our campuses in advocacy, member services, and grant administration.
Such a wonderful history at Saint Mary's College and such a bright future under your guidance. Congratulations.

Dr. David Wantz

President and CEO, Independent Colleges of Indiana

Welcome to one of the best places on earth! Take a deep breath, settle in, and enjoy it all! I'm sure my mother (class of '44) would say the same. And, yes, congratulations!

Mary Sheeran

Class of 75

Congratulations and welcome to the Saint Mary's family. Phyllis Pajakowski Largey '69

Phyllis Largey


Congratulations and welcome. I look forward to hearing more about your vision and plans at the reunion this summer.

Patricia Doyle


Every one of us at Simmons University will miss you greatly, but we are so thrilled for you to take this next step in your journey! If anyone at Saint Mary's doesn't yet understand just how fortunate they are to have you, they soon will learn. Good luck and we look forward to watching your next success from afar!

Marie desJardins

Friend of Katie's


Mary Ann Horn

BA 1966.

Two o'clock this afternoon was greatly anticipated in our household as well as by my parents. We were proud that our daughter/granddaughter, Summer Stillson, had been part of the search process and got to interact with you back in December. Saint Mary's College is awarding Summer so many experiences that enhance her growth and service as a young woman. Leadership is easily seen at all levels on this magical campus. And interim President Nekvasil did not miss a beat when she graciously stepped in while the presidential search process began. As you took stage in Spec Unica and delivered a relatable acceptance speech to those in attendance as well as all of us watching the live stream, my mom, dad, and I texted back and forth with excitement. We wish you well and support your role focusing on a Holy Cross education. We hope to meet you in person one day and will remain very involved in Saint Mary's activities during Summer's last semesters on campus since we live within an easy drive. "Hail to the Cross..."

Angela Pletcher Stillson

Alumna 1988

Looking forward to meeting you at the class of ‘90 reunion this June! Congratulations

MJ (Grant) Brangle

Class of ‘90 with mom ‘57 and four other sister

Welcome to Saint Mary's Dr. Conboy! From one Katy to another (minus the small spelling differences) I look forward to your leadership.

Katherine Docter


Congratulations, Dr. Conboy

Kathleen Spencer

Class of 1978

Welcome! My very large Saint Mary's alumna family is excited to get to know you. Saint Mary's College is a true treasure.
Congratulations and so glad to have you as part of our sisterhood.

Katherine Harig

SMC 1977

Congratulations! You will be an amazing addition to Saint Mary's history!

Cynthia Kloc

Alumna, SMC 1986 (daughter, Megan Kloc SMC 2013)

Welcome!!! Thank you for helping shape generations of women to come.

Megan Brauch


Congratulations and welcome to the St Mary’s family!

Michelle King


Welcome! I hope you love Saint Mary’s as much as I have. Happy to add you as a Belle!

Kristin Burtzlaff Bodey


Welcome and thank you for your commitment to women's education! I watched the announcement via the live feed. You are tending a great, much loved institutional legacy and I look forward to see how your tenure unfolds. Choosing Saint Mary's was one of the best decisions I ever made and the skill sets I developed as a result of that choice, have served me well in both my personal and professional life! Thank you!
* Don't ever drop earning your "W" as a graduation requirement. Someone will fill you in! :-)

Elizzabeth Scheurer

Alumna Class of 1979

Happy that we’ve found a woman with great credentials, experience, and spirit! Congratulations! God bless you in your new endeavor! It is a blessing for all of us.

Diane McKee

Alumna ‘70

Congratulations to you, Dr. Conboy! SMC is lucky to have a dedicated, smart, and highly skilled incoming President to carry on the tradition and oversight of our beloved college. Wishing you many years of success and holding you in my thoughts and prayers as you assume this new role.

Kimberly Roland

Alumna, Class of 2012 #smcforever

Congratulations! Excited to welcome you into our community; I hope St. Marys can become a home to you as it has to me.

Grecia Guapillo


Congratulations Dr Conboy! Looking forward to your leadership in this new decade! Good luck with all your endeavors! Kind regards,

Mea Leeman

alumna, Class of 1991

Dr. Conboy, We are so excited to have you join us at the Helm of SMC! Welcome and we hope you quickly find a loving home at Saint Mary's College! We are so glad you are here!

Kathey Conley Taiclet

'85 grad and member of MSSC

Welcome,Dr. Conboy, to the roll of President to our dear Saint Mary's College. It has always been a special place in our hearts to so many of us. I am enthused about your choice to carry Saint Mary's forward.

Elaine Van Etten Cassidy

Alumna Class of 1960

Congrats, Dr. Conboy! Welcome to the SMC family :)

Jordan Diffenderfer


Dear Dr. Conboy,
Congratulations on being named the 14th President of Saint Mary's College. I am beyond thrilled that you have decided to join our SMC community. We are so very lucky to have you as our new president. I look forward to meeting you at some point soon. Wishing you the best of luck.

Carey O'Neill

Class of 1999 alumnae

Welcome to Saint Mary's. I wish you every success. As an alumnae, and as a parent of a graduating Saint Mary's Woman, I have high hopes for your administration and even higher expectations, as I have four additional girls who might consider SMC for their college.

Sherry Antonetti

Class of 88, parent of a daughter in class of 2020

So happy to have you joining the Saint Mary's family!

Judith Weaver

alumna - class of 1970

Congrats President Katie! Fabulous!

Sheila O'Brien


Welcome to Saint Mary’s College Dr. Conboy! Wishing you many fruitful years at the helm!!

Jeanne Grammens Hidalgo

Alumna, Class of 1986

Dr. Conboy,
I am pleased to welcome someone of your stature to Saint Mary's. SMC prepared me for a successful career but even more important, introduced me to wonderful women who are my dearest friends to this day. You and I have a few things in common besides Saint Mary's: I am one of four daughters, a mother of two daughters (and a great son!), a New Englander and, perhaps most special to me, the daughter of a Simmons College grad, Class of '52. Mom passed away a year ago but if she were here, how she would brag that a leader from Simmons is now leading Saint Mary's!
Welcome, Dr. Conboy. I have no doubt that your years at Saint Mary's will bring you and the college continued growth and fulfillment.

Margaret Lawlor Lamb '75


Welcome to Saint Mary’s!!! It is truly such a special place to call home, and I’m so thankful to have spent my formative adult years here. As a recent graduate, I’m so excited to see where you will lead our school!
Once a Belle, always a Belle!

Caitey Sosnowski


Congratulations to Katie and to the Saint Mary's community. You picked a great next leader!

Amy White

Simmons University

Dear Katie, welcome and blessings as you assume a significant position of leadership within the Family of Holy Cross! Prayer surrounds you, Sr Ann Lacour, MSC

Ann Lacour, MSC

Family of Holy Cross

Congratulations! I am happy you have come to SMC and look forward to your leadership and focus for the upcoming years at Saint Mary’s. I wish you much success.

Annette Snyder Kurrus


Congratulations, Dr. Conboy. I graduated from SMC in 1970. As a freshman, we had "hours", pants not allowed, and a nun supervised our floor (well, it was 50 years ago!) Since then, SMC evolved with the times but it's mission to educate women to be leaders in whatever arena they choose has never changed. I know your tenure at SMC will be exciting and fulfilling. Best wishes.

Jane Blanchard Weirich

Alumna 70'

Dr. Conboy, welcome to Saint Mary’s College. As a graduate of the college and a parent of a current student, I was moved by the direction you spoke of during your speech. We need a President to bring our community closer and to continue to grow into the future. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Amanda Falvey Conmy ’88

Alumna, Parent and current Paretn’s Council Member

Congratulations Dr. Cowboy! I have such a deep respect and Love for Saint Mary’s since I spent the “best 4 years of my life”there! From 1985-1989, I learned how to live with 4 strangers in Holy Cross Hall, I navigated class schedules and underground tunnels, I went to Spanish in my pajamas, I looked forward to Saturday night steak dinners, I looked up to all my professors, I learned to ignore the smell of ethanol , I cheered for Notre Dame, attended all sporting activities, and made the Very Best Friends of my life. Saint Mary’s will always hold a special piece of my heart, and I’m grateful you are there to put your own stamp on it. I wish you the Best of Luck. God Bless.

Kelly Glavin Zeh ’89


Welcome to Saint Mary's College, Dr. Conboy! I hope you will be uplifted by the love, joy, and support of the students, faculty, and staff at SMC. My time at SMC was wonderful and affirming and I wish the same for you.

Catie Condran Geist

Alumna (Class of 1968)

Congratulations Dr Katie Conboy. Welcome to the SMC community. We are lucky to have you!

Lisa Mullen


Congratulations and welcome to the Saint Mary’s family. I was very impressed with your presentation this afternoon, and believe that you will be an excellent fit as President of Saint Mary’s. I look forward to meeting you in June, when I’ll be back on campus for my 55th reunion.

Sheila Flynn Boone ’65


Congratulations Katie! I am so proud of you! I know Saint Mary's is lucky to have you as President, because I know how lucky I am to have you as a sister I love you!

Amanda Carmona

Dr. Conboy's sister

Dear Dr. Conboy, Welcome and congratulations. I love your background in English Literature. It was my major at Saint Mary’s and my M A degree was also in English. I was a high school teacher of English for many years. So there you go. Good luck to you!

Carolyn Flynn Fay

Alumna, Class of 1956

Welcome to our St Mary’s family. Congratulations.

MaryLee Spencer

Alumna, Class of 1966

Congratulations, President-elect Conboy, and a warm, enthusiastic welcome. I am a member of the 50th anniversary Reunion class and look forward to meeting you in June. Your speech today was exciting to me and very reassuring to hear you speak of educating the whole person in mind, body, and spirit. I am also glad to hear you speak of compassion, social consciousness, community, interpersonal relationships and care for the earth. .
Thank you for your trust in the Saint Mary's community and accepting this summons to serve Welcome,

Pamela Carey Batz ’70

alumna, parent of two graduates, and active volunteer

Congratulations!! Welcome to Saint Mary's College. We love it and hope you will, too!

Denise Kilway Peterson ’87


Welcome to Saint Mary’s, Dr. Conboy! .
Your great experience in leadership and your vision are clearly aligned with our treasured alma mater! I pray that your tenure at Saint Mary’s will continue the world class educational vision, the strong commitment to Catholic social teachings, and the cutting edge influence of Saint Mary’s College in American culture! Spes Unica!

Mary Ellen Durbin

Alumna, Class of 1961

Excellent Choice. Thank you Dr. Conboy for saying yes. Congratulations.

Joan Renehan Thompson


Welcome and congratulations, Dr. Conboy! The Department of Social Work and Gerontology is honored to have you here with us. We look forward to working with you. All our very best to you!

Frances Kominkiewicz

Professor; Director, Social Work Program; Chair, Department of Social Work and Gerontology

Congratulations! I so look forward to working with you to lead Saint Mary's onward and upward!

Steven Mast

Director of Student Teaching, Education Department

Welcome Dr. Conboy! May God continue to bless you and your family and your presidency as you help preserve Saint Mary's traditions and lead the College into its exciting future!

Caitlyn Wright

Alumna, Class of 2008

Congratulations and welcome Dr. Conboy! We're so glad for you to join our amazing College!

Alison Kavulich

Class of 93, Chicago West Alumnae Club

Thank you for recording this important announcement. I watched this with the youngest of my four daughters, Siobhan. She is seven, and loved the sorting hat analogy. There is a need for Saint Mary’s and it’s mission. Thank you!

Sarah Sullivan Bigelow


Congratulations and best of luck!!!

Lynn Novotny

SMC Class of 1972 Majored in English Lit.

Dr. Katie Conboy -
I wish you my heartfelt congratulations on being named as the next President of SMC. I am a 1985 alumna and a fellow English Literature major. I followed that with a JD degree and returned to South Bend from a career in Chicago 2.5 years ago to take a position at 1st Source Bank as VP and Senior Trust Counsel. As this is reunion year, I’m sure I will have a chance to meet you at those events which will follow shortly behind your arrival at SMC. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Kathleen Hennessy

Alumna - Class of 1985
1st Source Bank
Vice President and Senior Trust Counsel

Congratulations Dr Conboy. You sound Wonderful. Sat on many boards Mom 3 daughters Class of 60. We all loved SMC. Welcome. Marybeth Crossin

Marybeth Crossin

Graduate 2 daughter My mom. Board

Congratulations, Dr Conboy! So glad to sense of belonging to and identity with Saint Mary's.

Jacqueline Leskovec

Aluma 1974

Dear Katie,
Congratulations and may God richly bless you, Tom and Saint Mary's College as you begin this newest chapter of your life.
With much love from the Grand Island/Buffalo Kerr family,

Betty and Jim Olmstead

Katie's cousin

Welcome to Saint Mary’s Dr Conboy!!! Congratulations!!
As parents of a 1997 and 2020 graduate we are so happy to have you onboard!!

Herman and Evelyn Sanchez

Parents of two daughters who have attended/attend

Congratulations Dr. Conboy and welcome to the Saint Mary’s College and the Michiana community!

David Mathea


Rock Chalk, Jayhawk! Just in case you are feeling homesick. You may not hear that much around there. ;-)
After being enrolled at ND, I think you will find SMC's campus has an entirely different feel. It is such a special place. In 1973 I arrived as a transfer and felt the college wrap its arms around me. It was home in the mid seventies and remains home, today. That feeling of belonging, being cared for, and believed in is what keeps me so involved with the school 45 years out. I wish that for every young woman considering college.
I can not wait to see what the future holds for Saint Mary's with you at the helm. Our class celebrates our 45th reunion (Say it ain't so!) this June. I look forward to meeting and congratulating you in person.
BTW, I am also very involved with spreading the Irish culture here in Cincinnati through The Irish Heritage Center of Cincinnati. Heaney's "The Skylight" was a delightful touch.

Ellen Gerrity Mcgoron


Professor Conboy: Congratulations on the appointment and welcome to the Saint Mary's - Notre Dame family. As a Saint Mary's son, nephew, and father, I'm delighted to have you here and to welcome you into this 175 year tradition of superior education for young women. We've waited anxiously for this announcement and I am delighted to say -- as a lifelong academic and member of the Notre Dame faculty -- that we could not be more proud. You simply cannot imagine how happy we are.
Cheers, best wishes, and Cead Mile Failte!

James O'Rourke

Son, nephew, father, and ardent supporter

Love that you have some Boston roots (that’s where I live now). And so fitting to have a “Katie” as a president (among the top first names of all the SMC women I know). Welcome to Saint Mary’s!

Kelsey Knoedler Perri


Congrats Belle!! & Thank you!!

Savannah Sullivan


Congratulations, Katie! I feel I can address you that way because you project an openness to family, friends and the"other" (whoever comes your way). Your address was filled with hopefulness and confidence that my beloved Saint Mary's will continue on basing it's steps on the real values of our faith and a belief in the intellectual abilities of young women. I look forward to seeing the school progress under your guidance, President Conboy. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Patricia Martin

Alumna, Class of 1963

You seem perfect for us at this time, Katie! Thank you for taking up the challenge. Welcome and Godspeed.

Leslie Wilson

Class of 1976

Welcome and congratulations, Dr. Conboy! I pray that you will love Saint Marys as much as I did and that you will inspire women to be all that they can be, as Dr. Mooney did for me! Go Belles!

Kristin Amram Reilly

Class of ‘09

Welcome to Saint Mary's College. I'm looking forward to meeting you and wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life. Saint Mary's College is so fortunate to have a woman with such strong leadership skills and a warm spirit. Such a beautiful role model for our daughters to see.

Janet Crowley


I am so happy for you, Katie! You were an incredible Provost at Stonehill and you will lead Saint Mary's with the same wisdom and sensitivity to the needs of all constituents! God bless you in this new position.

Michael Tirrell

Stonehill faculty

A very warm welcome, Dr. Conboy! I watched the announcement of your selection and enjoyed your comments yesterday so much from my home here in Wilmington, NC. I will always consider Saint Mary's College my HOME as well, and was both thrilled and grateful to attend my 50th class reunion there last spring! Blessings to you!

Joyce Bussewitz


Welcome to Saint Mary's College of Notre Dame. We know you will be a great leader and that you are student-centered. All the Best to you! We hope to meet you someday. Fondly, Gene and Sistie

Gene and SIstie Doherty McEnery

Alumna, Class of 1958

Welcome "back" to the Holy Cross community! Thrilled you are going to be with "us" — the Saint Mary's family, Your remarks touched on some wonderful literary themes that resonated with me, and others! The College has a bright future with its new buildings, its grand relationships with the Sisters of the Holy Cross, its new graduate programs, and its continuing commitment to the liberal arts tradition. I look forward to serving Saint Mary's with you at the helm.

Susan F Rice


Welcome to Saint Mary's, Dr. Conboy. I watched the announcement on line and was most impressed. I love the poetry of Seamus Heaney. Wishing you all the best as president of this wonderful college.

Jo Ann MacKenzie

Alumna Class of 1969

Welcome and Congratulations. I enjoyed your speech yesterday and appreciated the focus on the idea of "belonging", while maintaining individual differences.

Jennifer Keller

alum & parent

Dear Dr. Conboy, Congratulations and may God bless you as our 14th President of Saint Mary's College.

Jim and Jennifer Mooney Stevens

Alumna, Class of 1974

The following was e-mail to Milton Public School's School Committee, Principals and Friends of Dr. Katie Conboy.

Dr. Conboy's children attended the MPS and she and her husband were involved and supportive parents. Dr. Katie Conboy was a Milton Public School parent, mother of Mareid, Caitronia, and Siobhan. Katie is married to Dr. Thomas O'Grady, History Professor at the University of Massachusetts.

Katie and Thom were amazing supporters and advocates of the Milton Public Schools. Their children maximized their academics and were involved in a range of extracurricular activities here in the Milton Public Schools.

When Dr. Nick Fitzgerald took the lead and the Milton Public Schools partnered with the MTA to run statewide Advanced Placement Conferences, Katie was generous in donating Stonehill College to us for a site. I am sure that you all join me in congratulating Dr. Katie Conboy on the occasion of her appointment to the position of President of Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana.

Mary Gormley

Friend from Dr. Conboy's hometown in Massachusetts and Superintendent of Schools

Congratulations and welcome Doctor Conboy, I am a graduate of Saint Mary's and I was so impressed with your message your enthusiasm and love for Holy Cross tradition "responding to the Signs of the times " I hope to meet you in person when I visit Saint Mary's. I am a Hospital chaplain at St. Agnes Medical Center Fresno California

Sister Emily Demuth, C.S.C


Welcome to Saint Mary's! You're going to LOVE it here!

Linda D'Arcy

alumna, Class of 1976

Welcome! I often affectionately refer to Saint Mary's as "my happiest place on Earth." I hope you find that our beautiful college is such for you, as well!

Elizabeth Karpus Schirtzinger

Class of 2012

Congratulations, Dr. Conboy! Welcome to Saint Mary's College. May you grow to love it as much as we alumnae do!

Blessings to you and your family as you begin this exciting new journey at a very special place.

Debbie Johnson Schwiebert

Alumna and Past Trustee

Congratulations, Dr. Conboy! Welcome to Saint Mary’s! Sincerely,

Karin Gieseman Waterbury

Class of 1974

Hi, I’m Jane Linehan I will be a freshman next year at Saint Mary’s. I just wanted to say I can’t wait to meet you and I’m sure you’ll be an amazing president at SMC.

Jane Linehan


Welcome to Saint Mary's! As the father of 13 children, my wife and I have watched our youngest daughter Olivia grow as an adult within the wonderful campus of Saint Mary's. She is now a senior and she's excited, but sad about her impending departure after four years. Please continue to manage the rich experience Saint Mary's imparts on her students. The college challenges the students while there and then changes their lives forever. Good Luck and God Bless.

Richard Lathers

Parent of daughter.

Welcome to Saint Mary's! As the father of 13 children, my wife and I have watched our youngest daughter Olivia grow as an adult within the wonderful campus of Saint Mary's. She is now a senior and she's excited, but sad about her impending departure after four years. Please continue to manage the rich experience Saint Mary's imparts on her students. The college challenges the students while there and then changes their lives forever. Good Luck and God Bless.

Richard Lathers

Parent of daughter.

Welcome and Congratulations

Maureen Schimizzi

Alumna, Class of 1971

Welcome and Congrats from the SMC alumnae club of SW Florida! Come and see us sometime. We remember those winters!

Tricia Duray

Class of 1977 and President of the SWFL Alumnae Club

Dr. Conboy,

My sincere congratulations and welcome to our beloved Saint Mary's! Your authenticity, incredible background, and commitment to women's education is so exciting for our home and community. Now go cut that hole in the roof and let the light shine in! :) May God bless you as you settle into your new role.

Ann Fewell Diroll

Alumna, Class of 1998


Congratulations. During your tenure as Provost at Stonehill, your forward thinking and inclusive approach, along with your love of the Arts were true gifts to faculty and students.

Joan Halpert

Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts Emerita, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, Stonehill College

Welcome, Dr. Katie! As an alum, mother of an alum & grandmother of a future alum (hopefully), I was delighted to hear you express the many opportunities & goals you see as part of the role the college has played & will play in encouraging intelligent, caring, and vital members of our global society. Your spirit & enthusiasm for the future of Saint Mary’s resonated as you spoke yesterday — thank you for your strength & insight for the future of women and your passion for an open mind and heart as we move forward into a changing landscape. I am delighted that one of your first official duties will be to speak at the Class of 1970 Reunion Dinner this June. See you there!

Ronnie Henry Kessenich

Class of 1970

Welcome to Saint Mary's! We are pleased to know that our Belle (Alexis Andrie, Class of 2021 — Political Science Major) will continue to be guided by such great leadership. Saint Mary's has been a home away from home for our daughter. We look forward to meeting you and hope the Lord continues to bless your journey and all who serve at Saint Mary's.

Dino and Anna Andrie

Parents of Alexis Andrie, Class of 2021

Congratulations and welcome, Dr. Conboy! I live in Phoenix, but was able to watch on my computer as you gave your acceptance remarks. I was impressed with your warmth and intelligence, and just know you will be a wonderful addition to our Saint Mary's family.

Theadora Murray

Alumna, Class of '58

Welcome to your new home! We're so excited to have you.

Kelly Zenere

Alumna, 2011

Congratulations, president-elect Conboy, and welcome to the Saint Mary's College community. Here you will find friendly, warm-hearted people who give of themselves gladly to promote the mission, values, and goals of the College, which all contribute to the intellectual and spiritual development of each student. I wish you good luck and great success as the 14th president of Saint Mary's College.

Ted Billy

Emeritus Professor of English

Congratulations, Katie! You were my favorite professor at Stonehill (1988–92) as well as my advisor. While I wasn't sure I was a perfect "fit" with Stonehill, your guidance and friendship helped me make it through, and I always looked forward to your literature classes. Your success is well deserved — wishing you the best in your new role as president.

Nancy Rogan

Stonehill alum

Katie, congratulations on your Presidency!! Saint Marys is so blessed to have your keen intellect, and boundless enthusiasm and energy! My sincerest wishes for continued good health and success!

Dan DeVasto

Stonehill alum and current Trustee.

Welcome to the SMC family Dr. Conboy! As the new President, you have officially become a Belle and as we say at SMC "Once a Belle, always a Belle." Congratulations and I look forward to seeing the positive impact you will have here at Saint Mary's College. Go Belles!

Kaitlyn Stankiewicz

Alumna, Class of 2016

Congratulations and prayers, Katie.

Paul Kirk


Congratulations Dr. Conboy and welcome to Saint Mary’s College. This has been a long year waiting to see who would be appointed as President. After hearing you speak, I am confident you are a great fit for SMC. I was especially impressed to hear that one of your goals was to bring the community together and learn to appreciate each other’s differences. My daughter is a Sophmore this year and I know she is also excited to see what changes you will bring to SMC. Our family wishes you all the best in this transition and please know that you are in our prayers.

Pamela Anderson


Congratulations to a wonderful, inspiring colleague! Katie brought such energy and commitment to everything she accomplished at Simmons. I was so fortunate to work with her on various initiatives.
President Conboy will lead Saint Mary’s College with brilliance and warmth.

Cheryl Howard

Katie’s Simmons University colleague

Congratulations, Dr. Conboy! I send you Warm Wishes from Wild, Windy, and Wintry Wyoming! I graduated from Saint Mary's in 1970 and so look forward to meeting you at my 50th Reunion in early June. Best Wishes for your appointment as our new president!

Susan Strittmatter Sandeen

alumna, Class of 1970

Dr. Conboy:

Congratulations and welcome to Saint Mary's College. I hope you will grow to love Saint Mary's as much as we alumnae do!

Saint Mary's is a very special place. Thank you for accepting this leadership call.

Warm Regards,

Debbie Johnson Schwiebert

Alumna, Class of 1974 and past Trustee

Saint Mary's is very fortunate with the naming of Katie. I am sure that she will be very effective at every level — as she was during her time at Stonehill.
Saint Mary's and Katie will be in my prayers,
With fond regards,

Reverend David Farrell, CSC

Former board member at Stonehill familiar with the excellent work Katie did there and now just across the street at Holy Cross

Katie is a fantastic woman of integrity, humor and intelligence. Saint Mary's has made a wonderful decision to bring Katie there as president. It was my delight to know and work with Katie at Stonehill College, initially when she was a faculty member, and later when she was Provost. I cannot say enough glowing things about Katie. But I, and New England (!) will miss her positive energy. Blessings, Katie and all best wishes,

MJ (Maryjean) Viano Crowe

Friend of Katie's

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