Student Ministries


  Ministry Assistants                       

                          Ministry Assistants

You’ve heard of Resident Assistants (RAs).  We have Ministry Assistants (MAs), too..  MAs provide pastoral support, social outreach opportunities, and programs that engage students in theological reflection, prayer and the celebration of the joys and sorrows of daily life. You’ll find an MA in each residence hall.

One student commented, "Being a Ministry Assistant allows me to grow in my faith, make a positive impact on the community developed in the resident's halls, and serve God through service to residents and members of the South Bend Community."


Campus Ministry Interns

We welcome your involvement as a paid Campus Ministry Intern.  Interns collaborate with campus ministers in promoting and supporting the spiritual life of students on campus. 

You will:

*experience the love of God in Jesus Christ

*support the spiritual life of students on campus

*invite others to become involved in Campus Ministry

*offer compassion to students in need of welcome

*lead prayer

*facilitate small groups and retreats

*provide liturgical leadership


                                    Peer Ministers

Peer Ministers                                                                       

You can offer the presence of God through peer-to-peer ministry. 

Volunteer Peer Ministers serve the community by:

*relating to students through informal conversations

*leading prayer, retreats and small groups

*assisting Ministry Assistants with residence hall outreach and service opportunities

*helping make a community that is welcoming to all people