Spirituality Mondays

What happens when faith and reason meet?  What is the relationship between spiritual traditions and the exercise of reason in an academic discipline or a profession?

Join Saint Mary's faculty, staff, and students for informal conversation over lunch to discuss these questions!  Every Spirituality Monday will be from 12:00-1:00 p.m. in Conference Rooms ABC in the Student Center.

Feb. 3 Spirituality and Law
Adrienne Lyles Chockley
Attorney at Law
Visiting Assistant Professor & Director, Justice Education Program
Lecturer, Philosophy

Feb. 13 (Thursday) Connections of Spirituality and Biology
Tom Fogle
Professor, Biology

Feb. 17 Spirituality and Social Work
Frances Kominkiewicz
Professor & Chair, Social Work 

Mar. 10 Spirituality and Philosophy
Michael Waddell
Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Edna and George McMahon Aquinas Chair in Philosophy

Mar. 31 Spirituality and Nursing
Linda Paskiewicz
Professor & Program Director, Nursing 

Apr. 10 (Thursday) Spirituality and Health in Ageing Populations
Haley Koth '14
Biology Major

Apr. 14 Spirituality and Global Business
Jill Vihtelic
Professor, Business and Economics
Chair, Global Studies

Apr. 28 The Sacramentality of Nature Poetry
Jerry McElroy
Professor, Business and Economics