Kristin Stransky

Art major Kristin Stransky embraces the collaborative spirit of Saint Mary’s

“In all my interviews they’ll ask me to describe a significant accomplishment, and I always use the SISTAR grant,” says art student Kristin Stransky. She and Professor of Art Julie Tourtillotte worked as equals in the art studio during the summer, each preparing textile and mixed media works for a joint Student Independent Study and Research (SISTAR) grant installation in The Moreau Art Galleries.

“It was great seeing Professor Tourtillotte work, and it helped me move along to really go to the next step. I liked seeing our projects evolve individually and seeing how they evolved together,” Kristin says. Before their joint showing, she helped Professor Tourtillotte install her show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. “Seeing the interaction between the curator and Julie….It gave me a practical, real-world perspective on the actual process.

“All my experiences at Saint Mary’s culminated in the SISTAR project. It also helped me refine my job search,” Kristin says. She applied for positions ranging from creative director to software trainer/graphic designer and associate systems engineer in IT. “I still want to go to grad school, and this is exactly what I needed,” she adds.

The SISTAR grant program demonstrates the collaborative quality of a Saint Mary’s education. “The professors at Saint Mary’s bring their enthusiasm to the classroom, and that translates to the students and the quality of their work,” Kristin says. “We all try to help each other out, and I think this spirit is embodied at Saint Mary’s. We are all here for each other.”