Kristine King

Business and humanistic studies double major Kristine King discovers her passions at Saint Mary’s.

Kristy King came to Saint Mary’s College ready to explore and learn, but she was uncertain about what she wanted to do for a career. “I studied abroad the fall of my sophomore year and enjoyed my marketing class in Rome,” she says. That international experience with commerce and culture led her to the business department once she returned home.

Kristy loves the hands-on approach taken by Saint Mary’s business professors. “They have actually worked in their fields before coming to Saint Mary’s, and so the professors apply their real-world experiences to their teaching in the classroom.

“I like that business classes are hands-on. You get out in the field and experience it. It’s not just theory, it’s about applying theory.”

A desire to balance her concrete, practical business classes with creative liberal arts courses inspired Kristy to add a second major in humanistic studies, which covers philosophy, religious studies, art, and history.

“My humanistic studies professors ask poignant questions that make you think and train you to analyze and approach the subject matter. I find so many ties between things I learn in my humanistic studies classes and business practices and theories,” she says. Building on a broad, global perspective—first developed in her studies abroad—Kristy is discovering her passions and shaping her career.