Finance and Scholarships

Please note that the totals for personal expenses and transportation are estimates and intended as a guide to assist in planning. Actual costs depend heavily on your style of living and will vary with individual habits, preferences, and travel choices. These fees and estimates are revised each academic year and are subject to change.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for any financial aid questions.

Strategy for Financing Study Abroad

Step 1: Understand the Costs of Study Abroad, Resources, and Your Responsibilities

Saint Mary's College is committed to making study abroad affordable for students.

Students who study abroad during the academic year will pay the Saint Mary's College standard tuition rate, and most of a student's financial aid can apply when they study abroad for a semester or a year!

Students pay room and board to Saint Mary's college at the base room and board rate. Each study abroad program has a standard accommodation package: if you elect accommodations that are not included in the standard accommodation package (for example, a single room or private bathroom), you will be charged the Saint Mary's "Additional Residential Upgrade
Options (see Saint Mary's College Tuition and Fees).

Rather than paying a student activities fee on campus, students who study abroad during the academic year will pay a study abroad fee. Students are responsible for their flights, passports and visas, books, personal expenses, and travel expenses while abroad.

Students who study abroad during the summer will pay a program fee that is specific to the site where they study. Students should see the pages for each study abroad program for details. The Center for Women's Intercultural Leadership (CWIL) offers need-based scholarships for summer and short-term programs.

In all cases, students should expect to pay a deposit for their program once they are accepted in order to secure a spot. The  non-refundable deposit is not an extra fee, and will be credited to the student's tuition.

Saint Mary's College provides international health insurance and evacuation insurance for all students who study abroad.

Step 2: Review Financial Aid Package

For students participating in a Saint Mary's-sponsored program, (most of) your financial aid package, loans, grants, and scholarships can be applied to your semester/year abroad. 

Other than a Student Travel Grant from the CWIL office, aid from Saint Mary's College is not available for summer programs. Federal loans might be available to students who will be enrolled at least half-time in the summer. In addition, all students have the option of applying for alternative loans for summer study abroad programs.

For additional information on financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Step 3: Apply for a Student Travel Grant

The CWIL Student Travel Grant provides funding to encourage students to participate in international education. Increasing intercultural understanding and knowledge through interaction and reflection is a key objective of the CWIL office and Saint Mary's College. By participating in an international program of study which emphasizes intercultural engagement, grantees will enhance their own learning and enrich the College environment with new connections and perspectives. Click on the grant you are interested in to find out more about eligibility and requirements.

Grant applications are due February 1. 

SMC Student Travel Grants

First Passport Grant
The Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership offers a First Passport Grant for students who plan to study abroad but do not have a passport yet. The grant will cover the total cost ($145) for an adult U.S. passport. CWIL will offer 10 grants this year and give preference to underrepresented students in study abroad. Please contact the Global Education Office at if you have any questions. Current Saint Mary's College students may click HERE for the application form and instructions. Applications are typically due in November.

Donor Funded Study Abroad Scholarships

Susan McHugh Study Abroad Grant

Through the generosity of alumna Susan Bresnahan McHugh, Class of 1975, the Susan Bresnahan McHugh CWIL Study Abroad Travel Grant provides financial assistance to any Saint Mary's student participating in a short term (fall, spring or summer break) study abroad experience through Saint Mary's College. Funding is based on financial need determined by the Office of Financial Aid.

Michael Paige Study Abroad Grant

This is a study abroad scholarship designated for Saint Mary’s Black/African-American students in the name of Dr. Michael Paige. The purpose of this fund is an additional $1,200 award, on top of an already received travel grant issued through CWIL, to support a Black or African American student choosing to study abroad. Dr. Paige was a professor at the University of Minnesota and a top expert in international education and intercultural training. His book/training material Maximizing Study Abroad has been adopted by many institutions for intercultural learning of study abroad students, including Saint Mary’s College. He was invited to Saint Mary’s College as an internationalization consultant in 2012. Dr. Paige died in November 2018, but he left a legacy behind him. He was selected as the winner of the 2019 NAFSA International Education Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field.

Step 4: Apply for External Scholarships

Funding sources are available to qualified students pursuing study abroad; however, students need to plan early. When applying for grants and scholarship, there are often requirements such as evidence of extra curricular activities, letters of reference, and writing samples which entail additional time to complete. The Global Education office has gathered a list of some of the local, regional, and national scholarships available to students studying abroad. This information can be found on the Saint Mary's Portal.

Step 5: Complete a Budget Worksheet

“Study Abroad Budget Worksheet” is a general worksheet designed for students intending to studying abroad. It helps you plan your budget and spending abroad and is intended to get you thinking about the costs for which you will be responsible, including the flight, passport and visa, books, personal and travel expenses.