Visit Award

Visiting college campuses is a great way for high school students to experience college life, check out classrooms and residence halls, and get their questions answered as they narrow down their college choices. To reward students who take this vital step in college discernment, we have instituted the Saint Mary's College Office of Admission Visit Award.

What is the Visit Award and how does it work?

Students who make an official visit to the Saint Mary's College campus, and enroll at Saint Mary’s, are eligible for a $1,000 Visit Award. The student will have a scholarship added to their financial aid package.

Does it matter when I visit?

Students who officially visit campus as a junior or senior (including the summer before their junior or senior year) are eligible. Transfer students who visit while enrolled at another institution are also eligible. Students must visit campus before May 1 of the year they are enrolling at Saint Mary's to be eligible.

What is an official visit?

The Office of Admission schedules all official visits. These can include, but are not limited to, in-person experiences such as a tour of campus; an information session with an admission counselor; a classroom visit; or a visit with a coach, faculty member, or other community member during an individual visit. Official visits also include participating in on-campus events: Senior Preview Days, SMC Tailgate, Spotlight Saturday, Spring Day on Campus, Meet Me at the Avenue and the summer Embody program. 

Do I have to apply for this award?

No, there is no separate application. The Office of Admission keeps records of all official visits and will inform the Office of Financial Aid as students are admitted to the College so the $1,000 award can be added to their financial aid package.

The fine print:

Enrolled new undergraduate students are eligible for no more than one Visit Award, regardless of how many times they visit campus. This is a one-time award; it is not renewable.