Innovative Ideas

Call for emerging, interdisciplinary, out-of-the-box ideas

A call for Innovative Ideas was issued at the State of College Address on February 28, 2017. Emerging, creative, out-of-the-box ideas that advance mission, curriculum, scholarship, extracurricular, student life, career development — every facet of the Saint Mary’s community — will be gathered for further consideration and sifted into possible initiative proposals.

Submissions will be accepted on a continuous basis. Submissions may be made by the community via MySaintMarys.

Submissions will be evaluated and discussed in the subcommittees on a rolling basis.

Criteria for Submissions

  • Mission Fit.  Is consistent with or strengthens the College’s Catholic character. 

  • Excellence. Creates or expands a program of scholarship, student experience, or creative expression that is of top quality in an important area that will have an impact on the College, nation, or world. Results in a program that will be a leader in its field and contribute to the overall preeminence of the college. 

  • Leadership and Program Integration. Is led by faculty/staff who can contribute outstanding mentorship/scholarship to the effort and also possess the attributes to serve as effective leaders of a team. The proposed program is effectively organized and integrated to achieve its objectives. 

  • Collaborations. Creates productive internal or external collaborations. This could be done by bringing together existing institutional strengths in a new and distinctive way, by proposing a creative new program, or by forming external partnerships. External partners could include other academic institutions, the Church, nonprofits, industry, and so forth.

  • Internationalization. Creates opportunities to infuse the curriculum with international content, to increase the number of students and faculty from other nations, and/or to improve the climate of the College for all by helping every one acquire the necessary intercultural skills to deal with a world becoming more and more globalized. 

  • Multicultural Diversity and Inclusion. Plans that create an environment of involvement, respect, and connection, where the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives serve to create a stronger community.

  • Educational Impact. Enhances the learning environment or research opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and professional education.

  • Enrollment/Retention Focus. Impacts the ability to attract and retain diverse students who share a common spirit and an eagerness to grow, learn, and shape the world.

  • Financial/Resource Viability.  Shows promise for sustaining itself through new College endowments, departmental resources, or sponsored research funds. Identifying sources of support will be required.

  • Measures of Success.  Describe the indicators that should be used to evaluate the impact of the investment. Indicate some qualitative or quantitative indicators that can be evaluated annually.