A lot happens as children begin to mature making middle school and high school a completely different teaching environment. While it can be a challenge teaching teenagers, it can also be highly rewarding. At Saint Mary's, you'll be able to pair a bachelor's degree in secondary education with one of five content disciplines: English, history, mathematics, political science, science (biology or chemistry), or Spanish. Essentially you double major in secondary education and subject you wish to teach. You can also become an art or music teacher for grades P–12 by combining a major in art with our visual arts licensure program; or major in music education with our corresponding licensure program.

In all of these options, one major develops you into a content expert while the education major or licensure program prepares you for teaching young minds, managing a classroom, and understanding the development of children and teens.

Work with students in local schools

Are you ready for some real experience? Once you start your core work in education, we’ll have you in local schools assisting talented teachers in the classroom. Our field work program has a well-developed structure that will allow you to build your knowledge and experience incrementally as you work side-by-side with department faculty. Through this process, you’ll gain valuable experience, build confidence, and establish skills that one day you can put to use in your own classroom.

Teaching Options in Secondary Education


Grades P–12: Students major in art and complete the visual arts education licensure program. Learn more about working with elementary aged students!


Grades 5–12: Students double major in English and secondary education.


Grades 5–12: Students double major in history and secondary education.


Grades 5–12: Students double major in mathematics and secondary education. Learn more about Teaching Stem Minds!


Grades P–12: Students major in music education and complete the music education licensure program. Learn more about working with elementary aged students!

Political Science

Grades 5–12: Students double major in political science and secondary education.


Grades 5–12: Students double major in either biology OR chemistry and secondary education. Learn more about Teaching Stem Minds!


Grades 5–12: Students double major in Spanish and secondary education.