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Core Courses: Creative Writing

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Senior Writing Project

Additional Creative Writing Courses

  • Workshop in Poetry
  • Workshop in Creative Nonfiction
  • Workshop in Fiction
  • Travel Writing
  • Writing Children’s Books
  • Nature and Environmental Writing
  • Advanced Workshop in Flash and Micros
  • Advanced Workshop in Writing the Body
  • Advanced Workshop in Formal Constraints
  • Advanced Workshop in Fabulism, Fairytale and Fable

Chad Davidson reads from his work

Core Courses: Literature

  • Introduction to Literature
  • Critical Theory
  • Senior Literature Seminar

Global Anglophone Literature

  • 20th Century and Contemporary African Literature
  • Postcolonial Women's Writing
  • Caribbean Women's Literature
  • Contemporary Global Literature

British Literature

  • Medieval Literature, including Chaucer
  • Shakespeare
  • 16th-17th Century British Literature
  • 18th Century British Literature
  • Romantic Movements
  • Victorian Literature: Victorian Secrets

American Literature

  • Native American Literature
  • African American Literature
  • Nineteenth-Century American Literature: American Natures
  • Gender and Seuxality in Literature: American Literature in the 19th Century
  • Abolitionist Literature: Slavery and Freedom in 19th-Century American Literature and Culture
  • 20th-Century American Literature

Students in Rare Books Room

Additional Literature Courses

  • Arthurian Literature
  • Contemporary Women’s Fiction
  • Digital Humanities Project Lab
  • Environmental Literature
  • Feminist Poetry
  • History of the Book
  • History of the English Language
  • Immigrant Women's Writing
  • Literature and Medicine
  • Literature of Social Justice
  • Modern Poetry
  • Realism and Race in American Drama
  • Sorcery and Damnation
  • Studies in Multiethnic Graphic Narrative
  • Theory and Practice of Tutoring
  • Tolkien and Modern Fantasy
  • Women of Genius: American Literature in the Suffragette Era