Research and Internship Opportunities

Scholarly and Creative Opportunities

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As an English major you will conduct original research and produce substantial creative work as a part of you work within 300-level courses and the capstone Senior Seminar.

After completing your Senior Seminar project, you will present your scholarly or creative piece during the spring at one of two campus events organized by the English Department, and you have the option to participate in the annual research symposium which showcases student work from across campus. As an English major, you’ll also have the opportunity to present your scholarly and creative work at multiple local and national conferences and to submit your creative work for publication in the two student-run, English Department publications: The Avenue and Chimes.

Our English majors are motivated, engaged, curious researchers and creative writers. If you develop a summer project that you would like to pursue with a faculty mentor, you also have the option to apply for a SISTAR grant that will provide you with the funding needed to make that research a reality.

Grants and Funding

SISTAR grants can fund a wide-range of diverse research projects, as seen in the work of recent English students and their faculty mentors.

In 2017, Professor Ann Marie Short and Alyssa Santos collaborated to explore modern representations and cultural approaches to motherhood and breastfeeding in the project, “What’s ‘Natural’ in Childbirth and Infant Feeding Options for Mothers?”

In 2016, Professor Christopher Cobb and Jennifer Vosters researched a project, "Exploring the Recent Performance History of Shakespeare’s Roman Plays in the Midwestern Theatre Community,” that took them to many theater archives throughout the adjacent area in their attempt to piece together this regional history.  

Faculty look forward, each semester, to working with students so that their research opens doors for the next steps beyond Saint Mary's. These research opportunities are more than preparation work — they give students like you an edge by providing you with publishable essays, short stories, and poems that can help you stand out when you apply to graduate school or for professional positions.

Featured Student Publications and Presentations

Kathleen Dunn '17 “The ‘Abhorred Monster’: How Shelley Uses and Misues Disability in Frankenstein. Published in the University of West Georgia’s Literary Research Journal, Fall 2017.

Leah Alday '17 “Beyond Words: Language Forms and their Limits in Moby-Dick. Published in the University of West’ Georgia’s Literary Research Journal, Fall 2017.

Alyssa Santos '18 and Professor Ann Marie Short “What’s ‘Natural’ in Childbirth and Infant Feeding Options for Mothers. Presented at the Saint Mary’s College Symposium, April 2017.

Leah Alday '17 “Dreams and Reality in The Book of the Duchess and The Canterbury Tales.”  Presented at the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Colloquium, Calvin College, April 8, 2017.

Mary Joy Dingler '17 "The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale: The Transcendence of Desire and Weakness into Story." Presented at the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Colloquium, Calvin College, April 8, 2017.


For students who desire to complete an internship while at Saint Mary’s, the English Department provides guidance on how to locate potential internship opportunities and advertises select opportunities to students through social media and annual events. Students have been successful landing positions in a wide range of organizations, including The Smithsonian in Washington, DC, Ave Maria Press, the South Bend Civil Rights Heritage Center, the Inn at Saint Mary’s, and more.  

Students interested in creative writing also have the opportunity to serve on the editorial and production staff of The Avenue and Chimes.