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To become #officiallySMC, you first need to make your deposit and then you'll be on your way. This step not only secures your status as a Saint Mary's student, but activates a sequence of events to become a Belle.

The enrollment deposit is $400. If you plan to live on campus, $200 covers your residence hall security deposit, and $200 will be credited to your tuition bill. If you plan to live off campus, with family, the entire $400 is credited to your tuition bill. For the Class of 2028, the deposit deadline is May 15 and the deposit is refundable up until May 15. After May 15, the deposit is non-refundable. If you have any questions, contact your admission counselor.

Once you have made your deposit you'll want to keep going. First be sure to apply for financial aid. This will get the process started so you can secure aid to help cover your college expenses. Given the delays with the FAFSA launch and the government's distribution of FAFSAs to the colleges and universities, we hope to begin sending out aid packages by early April. In the meantime, we encourage you to submit your enrollment deposit so you can secure higher priority housing (we place students in their housing based on when they submit the enrollment deposit). If you end up not being able to make it work and you notify our office by May 1 and ask us to refund your deposit, we will provide you a full refund. 

If you're an incoming first-year student, join your Class of 2028 Facebook page to meet other students in your amazing class!

Made Your Deposit? Here’s Your To-Do List


Welcome to Saint Mary's College, where you are joining a great variety of women who are eager to learn, grow, lead, and prepare to change the world.


“It’s almost humbling to realize you’re surrounded by so many great women who have excelled in high school and have every intention of excelling in college, too.”

– Natalie Grasso, Sharon, Pennsylvania