Business Administration and Economics


The Department of Business Administration and Economics offers a comprehensive program of technical study within the context of the liberal arts. The program is one of the largest of its type among all women’s colleges in the country.

Programs in the department emphasize the following student goals:



  • to acquire technical competency in the fields of accounting, management, management information systems, marketing, finance, international business, and economics;
  • to acquire professional technological and informational literacy skills;
  • to acquire competency in quantitative skills;
  • to develop problem solving skills;
  • to develop com munication and interpersonal skills;

  • to develop an ethical sensitivity in a business context;
  • to develop a multicultural/international business perspective; and
  • to explore gender issues in a business setting.



These goals are implemented by offering challenging courses, by providing internship opportunities with local businesses and agencies, and by sponsoring guest speakers and seminars to define the role and future of women in business.