Quidditch Club

The Saint Mary's College Quidditch Club is open to all Saint Mary's students and students from Notre Dame or Holy Cross. Our purpose is to play Quidditch, as well as spread the love of Harry Potter to all! Please contact quiddich@saintmarys.edu if you are interested in playing this magical sport or if you have any questions.

2013 Roster
Tatum Beaton - SMC
Taylor Chamberlain - ND
Mariah Flennik - ND
Emily Flores - ND
Lauren Harper - SMC
Jacob Hook - ND
Rachel Huser - SMC
Caroline Jansen - ND
Emily Krach - SMC
Matthew Kudija - ND
Katie Leeuw - SMC
Katherine Louth - SMC
Chloe McColgan - SMC
Katie Sanders - SMC
Katie Quick - SMC
Mary Kate Tierney - SMC