Notre Dame Student Information

Fact sheet Information for Notre Dame students pursuing teaching certification at Saint Mary's College

Declaring Education at Notre Dame

Notre Dame Arts and Letters students need to see Associate Dean Stuart Greene (631-7098) to declare Education (EDU) as "supplemental studies" as soon as they are officially admitted to the Education Department at Saint Mary's. Those in Science need to see Associate Dean Sr. Kathleen Cannon (631-5812). If students do not declare Education, their teaching certification will not show on their final Notre Dame transcript.


Pursuing state licensing for teaching means that most Notre Dame students will need to overload. Please see Dean Greene or Dean Cannon for permission to do this; permission is granted early for education students only.


Per the Notre Dame Academic Code: Notre Dame undergraduates may not have incompletes in classes at the end of the semester. This applies to classes taken at Saint Mary's College as well.