NCATE Accreditation and Assessment

Welcome to the Saint Mary's College Education Department NCATE web site.  In anticipation of its next NCATE visit, the Professional Education Unit at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana has created this web site. It is provided as a source of information and data, which conveys the state of Saint Mary’s College Professional Education Unit and its programs. All attempts have been made to be forthcoming and to present an accurate and honest representation of our state of affairs.

The unit's assessment system reflects the conceptual framework and state standards. It is aligned with professional standards. The system is shared with College faculty through the Teacher Education Council and with its school partners through Cooperative Council. The system includes comprehensive and integrated assessment and evaluation measures to monitor candidate performance and manage and improve the unit's operations and programs. Decisions about candidate perfomance are based on multiple assessments at decision points in both the Elementary and Secondary Education programs--admission to programs, at appropriate transition points, at program completion, and after graduation. The unit has taken effective steps to eliminate bias in assessments and is working continuously to establish the fairness, accuracy, and consistency of its procedures and unit operations. It has worked closely with the Office of Institutional Research & Assessment to address this issue.

The links at the left of this page will take you to each site. 

Professional Education Unit describes who we are. It contains information about the programs, the unit faculty, and the unit organization. Department agendas and minutes are separated by year. Minutes from the Teacher Education Council and the Cooperative Council also appear.

Unit Assessment explains the assessment process in the unit. It includes members of the Unit Assessment Committee and minutes of their meetings. A summary of the committee charged with carrying out the college-wide requirement for writing proficiency (Advanced Writing Proficiency Committee) appears, as well as minutes of the unit Assessment Retreats. The scoring guides used at each step of the programs are available, representing internal and external forms of assessment. In addition to the guides, GPA is used at all three steps, as well as Praxis I in Step 1 and Praxis II in Step 3.  The application to the department appears, as well as the policies and procedures of the Teacher Candidate AssistanceTeam, and teacher candidate guidelines for filing complaints and requests for waivers.

Candidate Performance Data displays state licensure test results for those who have completed the program.

Conceptual Framework presents the foundational ideas and research that guide the unit. Included is a schematic that shows the elements of the framework with the appropriate assessment tool.

2012 NCATE Focus Visit contains the 2012 Institutional Report, submitted August 2, 2012, as well as a document providing links to specific evidence in support of the Institutional Report contained on this web site.

Unit Data is organized by Step and contains information in the form of reports from the statistical analysis performed by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. More files will be added as reports become available.