Cyber Connection

Taylor Romens '13 and Meghan Casey '13
Taylor Romens '13 and
Meghan Casey '13

Cyber Connection

Some things are just meant to be. This was the case for first year students Meghan Casey and Taylor Romens, roommates who “found” each other at, a social networking site exclusively for accepted Saint Mary’s students. Students can create profiles, and talk with other students and admission office counselors. “We became great friends as soon as we started talking,” says Meghan. “We have a lot in common so we decided to room together.” Both girls went from a cyberspace connection to meeting in the real world, visiting each other at their respective homes before coming to Saint Mary’s. “Taylor visited me at the end of April, during the school year,” recounts Meghan who is from Frankfort, Ill. “We had a really good time. She met all my friends, my family, and I showed her around Chicago. During July, I also went to visit Taylor. I flew in, met her family and friends, went to Mall of America, shopped for dorm room necessities, and such. We had a really good time together and knew that we would be great roomies!”

Serendipity played a role in Meghan finding out about the College. While visiting a college fair, she met an admission counselor with the same first name, a coincidence that caught her attention. “She got me really excited about the school so I decided to do the early action application. The day after I found out that I was accepted into Saint Mary’s College, I visited the campus for the first time. I fell in love at first sight,” recalls Meghan. “After the numerous college visits, I knew I was at home as I stepped along the campus.”

Meghan’s intended major is nursing. “I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to be in the medical field. It is not only a career that I am choosing, but a passion for helping others,” says Meghan who is interested in geriatric, pediatric oncology, or psychiatric nursing. “I see Saint Mary’s preparing me for my career path because of the standards that they hold, the expectation in class, challenging courses, and professors wanting to see us do well.”

For Minneapolis, Minn., native Taylor Romens, the idea of coming to Saint Mary’s goes back to family tradition with a cousin who graduated in 2006. Taylor is considering business as a major and says she would love to do something in public relations. She appreciates the Catholic education aspect of Saint Mary’s as something she may not have been able to get at another college. “I think that having religion so closely tied with school is an awesome thing. I am a very religious person and am so excited to be able to have classes and attend mass right on my campus.”

Both students are looking forward to a new school year and all that Saint Mary’s has to offer. Taylor attended Activities Night, an event that showcased a number of clubs, events, and activities students can get involved in at Saint Mary’s, the University of Notre Dame, and the local community. Meghan says she plans to try out for Saint Mary’s cheerleading. “Also, I would like to get involved with any volunteer work.”

By picking each other as roommates before school began, both girls were able to start the school year out with one of the bigger transition issues behind them. Now they are both looking forward to their college career. Taylor says, “My days here have been so great already. I can’t wait for the next four years. I know they will be amazing. Meghan echoes that sentiment: “I would like to just say that in my few days so far at Saint Mary’s I already feel at home. I’ve heard that it takes a lot of time for someone to call his or her college home so fast, but when I said it, I really meant it. I really feel accepted and welcome here, and I hope that feeling continues throughout my four years.”