FOCUS on Faith - Ann Maguire '11

FOCUS on Faith

While most students spent winter break at home for the holidays, enjoying festivities with their families and friends, Ann Maguire ’11, had other plans. The junior nursing major and biology minor, who hails from Indianapolis, Ind., had the opportunity to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime event: a FOCUS conference.

“The goal of FOCUS is to evangelize to students in American colleges and universities,” Ann explains, “They currently have about 250 missionaries on campuses across the nation.” The conference brought together nearly 4,000 people, mainly students, to participate in the sacraments together as well as hear a variety of speakers talk about the Catholic faith.

It was a tremendous opportunity for Ann, providing her with the chance to learn and grow in faith. She says the best part of the conference was Eucharistic Adoration. “They had a night that joined everyone attending the conference to pray and adore our Lord in Adoration as well as the opportunity for confession,” she says. “It was incredibly powerful to witness thousands of college students kneel in front of the Body of Christ and be moved by His presence.”

Ann’s focus on faith carries over into her daily life at Saint Mary’s as well. She is the vice president of the Right to Life Club and is involved in Campus Ministry as a Peer Minister and liturgical minister.”

As a nursing major, Ann has found the nursing professors most helpful during her journey of faith and learning. Professor Mary Kay Welle made an impact on Ann while she was enrolled in Welle’s Acute Nursing lecture and clinical course. Ann says, “She sparked my passion for nursing and challenged me to learn how to care for patients in the best way possible.”

As far as future plans go, Ann says, “I hope to work as a nurse and missionary in a foreign country that has a need for healthcare.” Thanks to her strong faith and her background at Saint Mary’s, Ann knows she will be able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. “Saint Mary’s has provided me with a holistic education, and has opened my eyes to the needs of the world,” she says. “Most importantly, Saint Mary’s has allowed me to grow in faith and has empowered me to make a difference in the world as a strong woman.”

—Mary Elizabeth Ulliman ’10