In the Saint Mary’s College Strategic Plan, Boldly Forward, a new fundamental principle was introduced to the existing four principles that have long guided the college.


Saint Mary’s is committed to campus sustainability.  The word “sustainability” is most often used in conjunction with ecological concerns.  We use the word “sustainability” here in a much broader sense, a sense that includes social, economic and cultural sustainability in addition to environmental protection.

BOLDLY FORWARD: A Strategic Plan for Saint Mary’s College 2012-2017

God’s gift of creation is a precious resource.  Its beauty is abundantly evident on our campus (Recommendation 23).  Although this principle and science of sustainability may be new to Saint Mary’s strategic plan, the college has been and continues to make knowledgeable and environmentally conscious efforts not only campus wide, but however far we can reach!

Green Initiatives Report - 2009-2015 

Campus Green Initiatives Report 2009-2015

This report attempts to capture everything the college has done over the past 5-6 years related to green and sustainability.   It is quite impressive when you can see all the items in one document!  Over 43 different initiatives and we know we probably missed a couple.