Acknowledgment and Dedication


A subcommittee of the College’s Governance Manual Committee worked tirelessly with the Provost/SVPAA, Dr. Patricia A. Fleming over the last two years (AY14; AY15) to create this Handbook for Faculty at Saint Mary’s College. This subcommittee included Professors John Cergnul (Faculty Assembly Chair, AY14-Business and Economics), Stacy Davis (Faculty Assembly Chair, AY15-Religious Studies), Kitty Marschall (Cushwa-Leighton Library Faculty), Mary Porter (Mathematics and Computer Science), and Doug Tyler (Art). They were joined by Dean Vickie Hess (Dean of Faculty) and College Counsel Richard Nugent, Esq. We thank the members of this subcommittee and the faculty at large for their insights, questions and suggestions for content and format of this “first-of –kind” publication. Many thanks to Daniel Miller who translated the subcommittee’s electronic Word document to the website version


This Handbook for Faculty is dedicated to Kitty Marschall. Her work on the handbook was absolutely excellent, expressing her creativity, and tenacity. The quality of her work is exemplary. Due to her numbering system, items are now easy to reference without error of citing the wrong page; her excellent editing restores our confidence in the electronic publications, and her commitment to insuring consistency between this new Handbook for Faculty and the College’s Governance Manual is admirable. We thank you, Kitty, for all your efforts on behalf of the Saint Mary’s community.