Retiree Health Insurance

Retiree Health Insurance

Saint Mary’s College participates in a consortium called Emeriti Retirement Health Solutions, which provides health insurance plan options unwritten by Aetna, as well as a reimbursement benefit for qualified medical expenses.

Customer Service Telephone Number – 866-363-7484.

Web Site –

Contributions are made on behalf of full-time employees into an Employer-Contribution VEBA Trust. The assets accumulated in the employee’s funded account in the VEBA are used in retirement to pay for the Emeriti Plan’s health insurance and reimbursement benefits.

Certain employees have grandfathered benefits under the program and do not have funded accounts in the VEBA. Check with Human Resources to determine your specific status for participation in this program.

For your convenience, you may download and print the following information. Copies are also available in the Human Resources Office.

Summary Plan Description (pdf) - Summary Plan Description for the Emeriti Retirement Health Program.  

Emeriti Health Insurance Plan Options Comparison Chart (pdf) - This brochure compares the provision of each of the medical and Rx options, and describes the dental plan, so that you can select the option that best meets your needs.

2015 Monthly Premium Rates for the South Bend area (pdf) - Please review this sheet for Monthly Premium Rates effective 01/01/2015.

2015 Dental Plan Benefit Summary (pdf) - Dental Benefits information.