English Literature and English Writing Major

Master the written word and broaden your imaginative capacities through the practice of writing. Foster independent thought, strengthen critical thinking and analysis skills through the study of literature. 

The Experience
Small classes keep discussions open and ideas flowing toward critical, theoretical, and historical understanding. Study the classics and the modern, and put it all into practice in a variety of writing genres. We also place emphasis on gaining real experience through internships. 

The Requirements
From medieval literature to Shakespeare to immigrant women's writing, your course choices will inform your knowledge of the impact of the written word. From journalism to poetry to expository, your writing will evolve and strengthen. You'll complete a writing project for your senior comprehensive.

The Writing
Two professors will read your complete portfolio of writings, concentrating on three sample papers. Your final portfolio will contain a well-developed analysis of a single literary work, a paper of your choice from any advanced writing course, and a substantial excerpt from your senior writing project.

The Results
According to research by the Modern Language Association, an English major is the best preparation for careers in diverse fields: teaching, publishing, editing, service, law, medicine, business, management, journalism, communications, and others.