Gender and Women's Studies Concentration - Global Studies Major

A global studies major enables you to fully participate in the emerging global community, increases your post-graduate opportunities in a wide array of globally oriented fields, and may include living outside the United States. Prepare yourself to collaborate, and compete, with colleagues from around the globe, or work toward social responsibility on a global scale.

In addition to the basic foundation of global studies major, the gender and women’s studies concentration examines and analyzes the construction of gender, race, class, and sexuality in an interdisciplinary approach across the humanities and social sciences. You will study current and past systems, in the US and across the globe, to become informed and knowledgeable citizens and become agents of change in the world.

The Experience
The global studies program blends valuable classroom instruction from faculty who bring extensive real-world experience with an abundance of opportunities to apply what you learn in real, meaningful ways. They share a commitment to helping you develop the skills to interpret and analyze systems of oppression and ultimately, to work toward a more just society.

The Requirements
The program curriculum covers the basics of global studies, plus aspects of gender and women's studies, including gender, sexual orientation, and race in different cultures and time periods. To fulfill the senior comprehensive requirement, you'll give a presentation of your senior research paper to gender and women’s studies faculty and students.

You'll demonstrate competence in at least one world language and spend at least five weeks in a college-sponsored study abroad program. All students in the global studies major will submit an e-portfolio at the end of the senior seminar. Some of the items in the portfolio include: language proficiency score, reflection paper regarding study abroad experience, resume, and research proposal.

The Writing
Each student who completes the advanced writing proficiency requirement in Global Studies will submit her written senior comprehensive project for evaluation.

The Results
Graduates with a degree in gender and women’s studies go on to become agents of change throughout the world, working to serve those most in need. Prior to implementing gender and women’s studies as a major in 2014, the program had some graduates whose student-designed majors included gender and women’s studies. These graduates have gone to graduate school in public service, women's studies, and communications, and have worked for a women's advocacy group.

Graduates with a gender and women’s studies minor have gone to graduate school in social work, psychology, education, and religion. They have worked for the Peace Corps, women's advocacy groups, and women's shelters.