Management Information Systems Major

Learn how to develop and use existing systems through intensive, hands-on class work. We emphasize design, analysis, and interpretation of computerized systems as applicable in a business setting. 

The Experience
Management Information Systems (MIS) involves the application of technical know-how mixed with business and mathematics to solve problems in business and industry, so our curriculum extends from computer science and mathematics courses to business courses. Our small class sizes and faculty members with real world experience ensure that you're well prepared for life after Saint Mary's.

The Requirements
With the range of courses in our program, plus our liberal arts curriculum, you'll be knowledgeable for any industry or graduate school. And the Comprehensive Examination utilizes a case study format and gives you a chance to demonstrate competence in your chosen major and concentration. It provides an integrative learning experience and tests your technical competencies, problem solving and analysis skills, and awareness of ethical issues, communication skills, and quantitative skills. The case also requires you to consider international ramifications.

The Writing
Each paper in your Advanced W portfolio must be approved by two faculty members: the professor who assigned the paper and your academic advisor. One of the papers is an analysis of an actual system problem and a written proposal on its solution. The remaining two can come from courses in business administration, economics, or computer science. Upon completion, your portfolio can be shown to prospective employers and/or graduate schools.

The Results
A wide range of occupations, as well as graduate school, are available to you when you graduate with a degree in MIS. Graduates of the MIS program have become computer programmers, software developers and engineers, management analysts/consultants, database administrators, game designers, internet consultants and Web masters, and much more.