Department of Mathematics / Computer Science

Department of Mathematics / Computer Science

In the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, we allow each student to develop her quantitative skills, her ability to think clearly, her use of technology, and her problem-solving skills. You’ll develop an aesthetic appreciation for mathematical thinking and excellent communication skills combined with the technical knowledge needed in your career or graduate school.


We offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) in mathematics, with four different concentrations: computing and applied mathematics, mathematics, statistical and actuarial mathematics, and mathematics, teacher concentration.


The faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is comprised of accomplished experts and scholars who match their passion for mathematics with a dedication to teaching and mentoring. They teach a wide range of courses in mathematics, which gives you a chance to pursue your individual interests.


You’ll find our mathematics and computer science alumnae achieving great things all over the country, and as part of the Saint Mary’s sisterhood, they serve as valuable professional connections. Our graduates have pursued advanced degrees at Iowa State, Loyola, University of Chicago, and the University of Missouri-Columbia. With a degree in mathematics and computer science, you’ll be well prepared for graduate school, as well as a diverse range of careers.

Saint Mary's offers a primarily online Master of Science in Data Science program, open to both men and women. Here, you'll develop the deep analytical skills desperately needed by companies today, most of which are data-rich but information-poor. Our master's program is built around developing actionable intelligence, so you will be able to discover and, most important, interpret meaningful data patterns into usable information for clients.