Political Science Major

Few areas of human activity have greater potential and the power to directly shape the lives and fortunes of individuals and societies than does politics. More and more career opportunities have developed in government from the local to the international level and in related areas in the private sector. 

The Experience
The program introduces you to the major techniques of the field, and provides a background in the broad flow of concepts and developments of political theories. Choose from a focus on four distinct but interconnected areas: American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and public law. 
Directly explore the political universe and apply concepts learned in classes through the Washington Semester program, internships, offerings in the Rome program and other off-campus programs.

The Writing
Writing proficiency is critical in today’s job market. Demonstrate your skills and an understanding of complex political concepts in your senior year with a major research paper, which fulfills your senior comprehensive requirement.

The Results
Studying politics prepares you for a variety of career choices. Graduates work in business and government, from the local to the international level. They’re teachers, lawyers, and journalists. Alumnae have also pursued graduate studies at well-known universities.