Marketing Department at Saint Mary's College

We are the Marketing Department for Saint Mary's College. Our role is to help advance the College—primarily in the areas of student recruitment and development—through a mix of strategic promotional materials, storytelling, public relations, social media, and website design.

We also consult with campus partners to aid with planning, budgeting, and developing  promotion for events and programs. To learn more about the many resourses available through Marketing, click here.  Use this link to request an official College logo or French cross. 

Phone: (574) 284-4595

Office Hours:
Monday — Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Art Wager
Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing
(574) 284-5340

Phil Batalis
Director of Marketing Services
(574) 284-5256

Elyse Paul '20, MNA
Marketing Specialist
(574) 284-4040

Mary Majeed
Marketing Assistant
(574) 284-4595


Tess Lesiuk '19
Graphic Designer
(574) 284-5337


Public Relations

Lisa Knox
Director of Public Relations
(574) 284-5318

Integrated Communications

Wendy Wilson
Director of Communications
(574) 284-4579

Tori Murphy '19
Social Media Associate
(574) 284-5343