French Cross Logo

The French cross is not only a key brand identifier for Saint Mary’s but also a sacred symbol. As such, it must be used with respect, awareness of its sacred origin, and in a manner that is mindful to the circumstances of its use and interpretation.

In a general sense, the French cross should primarily be used as a part of the Saint Mary's College logo. However, it is appropriate to use it as a design element in certain promotional materials, on wearables, and on signage and fixtures on the College campus. In all instances, it is imperative that you DO NOT create new logos using the French cross in combination with other text or symbols, and that you use only official logo files as provided within this website.

Proper Usage

To protect the integrity of the French cross and enhance recognition, it is important to utilize the correct symbol in an appropriate manner on all materials. If a previous version is in use, it is important to replace it with the updated version. Please follow the below guidelines:

  • Replace outdated French cross graphics on all digital materials as soon as possible.
  • Replace outdated French cross graphics on printed materials as you reorder supplies.
  • Use only official files as provided within this website.
  • The French cross may be used on printed materials only when the main logo is present.
  • The French cross may be used in printed materials as a key design element, but NOT in the absence of the logo, or in place of the logo as a sign-off.
  • The French cross may be used alone in wearables, jewelry, and specialty advertising/promotional items.
  • Do NOT use the French cross to create a new logo, combine the symbol with other elements, or place it in a holding box or circle.
  • Do NOT stretch, skew, or rotate the French cross.
  • Do NOT outline or add drop-shadows.
  • Do NOT use the French cross to create patterns, backgrounds, or wallpaper.
  • Clear space requirements around French crossAllow clear space around the symbol equal to half the width of the French cross (X). All text and images should be placed outside of this clear space.


There are three approved colors for the French cross:

  • Saint Mary’s Blue — to be used only on white and light colored backgrounds.
  • White — to be used on dark or photographic backgrounds to provide greater contrast.
  • Black — use ONLY if color printing is not an option.

Size Requirements

minimum height of French crossThe French cross may be enlarged or reduced in size as needed. The minimum size of the cross is often determined by the method of reproduction or fabrication but no less than .5” height is normally allowed. When using less than optimal reproduction methods, the cross should only be used at a size which does not compromise quality and legibility.