Communication Strategy Brief

You can use the following form as a guide or download this form (doc) to fill out and attach with your request.

Project Description:
Target Completion Date: 

Contact Info:  Name/Dept:

Phone:                email:

I.    Communication Objective
 (what is expected of the copy –the one thing it is expected to do)

II.    Target/Prime Prospects
(who they are, existing attitudes towards SMC/department, etc., what they think, any insight regarding what is relevant or important to them)

III.    The Benefit and Reason Why
(the single most compelling thing and, if possible, proof; logical and/or emotional)

IV.    Tone and Manner
(the image or personality to be conveyed; should be consistent over time)

V.    Imperatives
(visual or copy requirement)

VI.    Other Requirements/Information?
(provide any additional information that can direct or focus the advertising/design and achieve the objective.  For example, relevant research findings, symbolic equity or imagery, competitive insight, etc.

VII.    Effectiveness Measurement
(how will the effectiveness or impact of this be tracked?  If no, what is the intangible benefit of this action?)

VIII.    Integrated Marketing Communication Notes/Comments (optional):