English Writing Minor

Study the practical and analytic methods of creative writing, non-fiction prose, expository writing, and classical rhetoric. Concentrate on topics such as journalism, fiction, playwriting, and magazine writing, among others. Course instruction and faculty mentoring will encourage your practical mastery of all types of writing,  and prepare you to succeed in a variety of professional fields upon graduation.

Minor in English Writing (15 hours)

One of the following:

  • ENWR 310 Introduction to Nonfiction Writing
  • ENWR 311 Creative Writing

One of the following:

  • ENWR 317 Expository Writing
  • ENWR 319 Classical Rhetoric

Three of the following:

  • ENWR 313 Journalism (cross listed with COMM 313)
  • ENWR 315 Literary Nonfiction
  • ENWR 321 Fiction Writing
  • ENWR 323 Poetry Writing
  • ENWR 325 Playwriting (cross listed with THTR 377)