Film Studies Minor

Take courses in art, English, history, theatre, sociology, and communications studies for a cross-curricular approach to film. Gain an understanding of the impact of film on viewers and society. Showcase your own talents in film production and visual arts courses.


Minor in Film Studies (15 hours)

One of the following: 

  • ART 344 Film History and Analysis 3 hours 
  • ENLT 276 Film Criticism 3 hours 

Four additional courses including at least one course in Category 2 and one course in Category 3. 

Category 1: Film Interpretation/Criticism
These courses focus on the art and language of film. Courses are designed to encourage students to think and write critically about films as a text and to examine how the medium affects them.

  • ART 344 Film History and Analysis 3 hours
  • ART 366 Designing Art and Art Games 3 hours
  • COMM 422 Masculinities in the US Media 3 hours
  • ENLT 234 Shakespeare: Page, Stage and Screen 3 hours
  • ENLT 276 Film Criticism 3 hours
  • ENLT 277 Women in Film 3 hours
  • ENLT 278 From Fiction to Film 3 hours
  • HIST 321 The American West 3 hours
  • MLFR 320 French and Francophone Cinema 3 hours
  • MLIT 320 Italian Cinema 3 hours
  • MUS 290 Music in Film 3 hours
  • POSC 350 Politics in Film 3 hours

Category 2: Political Economy of Film
These courses focus on the social, political, and legal conditions that shape the production/content/distribution/and access of films, and will enable student to better understand the structural and cultural factors influencing the types of films created with specific symbolic meanings.

  • COMM 210 Mass Media and Society 3 hours
  • COMM 330 Critical Issues in Mass Communication 3 hours
  • COMM 383 Art and Entertainment Law 3 hours
  • SOC 382 Sociology of Popular Culture 3 hours

Category 3: Film Production/Visual Arts
These courses encourage students to be active participants in the imaginative and expressive faculties of the creative process and require a hands-on approach to the process of artistic creativity. They will better enable students to appreciate the technical and creative issues involved in cinematic production.

  • ART 103 Design Lab 3 hours
  • ART 221 Photography I 3 hours
  • ART 223 Introduction to Digital Photography 3 hours
  • ART 224 Video Art 3 hours
  • ART 266 Introduction to New Media 3 hours
  • COMM 260 Digital Video Production 3 hours
  • COMM 486 Practicum/Production 3 hours
  • THTR 205 Introduction to Acting 3 hours