Intercultural Studies Minor

Explore the interaction and dynamics between individuals and societies, allowing you to examine, reassess, and better understand identity in terms of culture, power, and privilege. 

Minor in Intercultural Studies (15 hours)

The following:

  • ICS 201 Introduction to Intercultural Studies

One of the following:
Theory of Culture
A student in a Theory of Culture course will acquire tools for understanding the role of culture in human life, and seeing the cultural dimensions of her world and she will learn how to carry out informed comparative analysis. While the concept of culture will be present in all ICS courses, those which can be used to satisfy this requirement will be characterized by a deeper theoretical focus on the process of cultural formation both individually and collectively.

  • ANTH 253 Culture and Language
  • ANTH 320 Anthropology of Race and Racism
  • ANTH 392 Topics in Cultural Anthropology (approved topics)
  • ANTH 435 Politics of Multiculturalism
  • COMM 350 Intercultural Communications
  • ENLT 370 Studies in American Literature (approved topics)
  • POSC 207 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PSYC 438 Stereotyping and Prejudice
  • RLST 307 Leviticus and Numbers

One of the following:
Theory of Power and Privilege
Classes in this category will analyze the roots of particular forms of privilege and subordination, examine how they have evolved and changed over time, investigate how they operate, and give each student an opportunity to locate and examine her own position in systems of power and privilege. While these concepts will be present in most if not all ICS courses, those which can be used to satisfy this requirement will be characterized by deeper theoretical focus on systems of power and privilege.

  • GWS 333 Transnational Feminisms (cross-listed with POSC)
  • HIST 410 Studies in Women’s History (approved topics)
  • ICS 366 Critical Whiteness Studies (cross-listed with ENLT/SOC)
  • POSC 319 Politics of the Third World
  • POSC 360 Politics of Race
  • PSYC 438 Stereotyping and Prejudice
  • SOC 230 Social Inequalities in Education
  • SOC 255* Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in the U.S.
  • SOC 345 Sociology of Poverty
  • SOC 360* Social Stratification: Class, Gender, and Race

Two from the above categories or the following (6 hours):

  • ANTH 141 People and Nature
  • BIO 270 Environments of Ecuador
  • BIO 313* Economic Botany
  • BIO 320* Parasitology
  • BUAD 329* Race and Gender Issues in Management
  • BUAD 422* International Management
  • EDUC 201 Foundations for Teaching in a Multicultural Society
  • ENLT 203 Studies in Literature (approved topics)
  • ENLT 293 Chicana Literature
  • ENLT 365 African-American Literature
  • HIST 324 History of Women in America
  • HIST 383 Women in Africa and the Middle East
  • HIST 384 History of Africa Since 1800
  • HUST 203 Asian Influence on Western Literature
  • ICS 250 Intercultural Engagement Through Study Abroad
  • ICS 290/390/490 Special Topics
  • ICS 300 Experiential Learning
  • ICS 305 Analysis of Study Abroad
  • ICS 397/497 Independent Study
  • ICS 399 Internship
  • MLCH 280 Chinese Society and Culture
  • MLFR 408* The Culture of Business in the French-Speaking World
  • MLFR 462* Francophone Cultures and Literature
  • MLFR 491* Topics in French Studies (approved topics)
  • MUS 243 Introduction to Latin American Music
  • NURS 414* Community Health Nursing
  • PHIL 245 Non-Western Philosophy
  • PHIL 254 Social Justice
  • POSC 304 Latin American Politics
  • PSYC 381* Clinical Psychology
  • RLST 225 Reading the Hebrew Bible in Jewish and Christian Terms
  • RLST 355 African-American Theologies
  • RLST 380 World Religions and Christianity
  • SW 342 Intercultural Leadership Development

*Courses may be taken only by students majoring in the discipline or by students who can demonstrate adequate knowledge to the course instructor.

Selected courses taken through Saint Mary’s College affiliated program in Seville, Spain may also apply to the minor. Topics courses in various departments and other courses may be included when appropriate. See the ICS website for an updated list of currently approved courses.