Music Minor

Develop your understanding of music theory, performance, and history with a minor in Music. Through a program accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, you will study thorough applications of music theory, history of music from classical times to the present, and apply your knowledge hands-on with several hours of performance instruction. You will develop musical expertise and appreciation through a dynamic curriculum that combines first-hand techniques with advanced theory and history of music.

Minor in Music (17 hours)

All of the following:

  • MUS 181 Fundamentals of Music
  • MUS 182 Diatonic Materials
  • MUS 182L Diatonic Materials lab

Six hours of the following (selected in consultation with Music advisor)

  • MUS 241 Music Appreciation
  • MUS 275 The Worlds of Music
  • MUS 271 Music History I: Antiquity–1750
  • MUS 272 Music History II: 1750–Present
  • MUS 281 Chromatic Materials
  • MUS 281L Chromatic Materials
  • MUS 282 20th Century Materials: Form Analysis
  • MUS 282L 20th Century Materials: Form Analysis
  • MUS 341 Latin American Music
  • MUS 342 Popular Music, Ge nder & Sexuality

Four hours from the instrument/voice or ensemble applied areas:

Instrument/voice applied area
MUS 111-411 Piano
MUS 113-413 Harpsichord
MUS 114-414 Voice
MUS 115-415 Violin
MUS 116-416 Viola
MUS 117-417 Cello
MUS 118-418 Double Bass
MUS 119-419 Percussion
MUS 120-420 Flute 1
MUS 121-421 Oboe
MUS 122-422 Clarinet
MUS 123-423 Bassoon
MUS 124-424 Saxophone
MUS 125-425 Trumpet
MUS 126-426 French Horn
MUS 127-427 Trombone
MUS 128-428 Baritone Horn
MUS 129-429 Tuba
MUS 130-430 Harp
MUS 131-431 Guitar

Ensemble applied area
MUS 201 Collegiate Choir
MUS 203 Women's Choir