Minor in Secondary Education

The Education Department offers a minor in secondary education. Students completing this minor will have met all the requirements to be licensed in the high school setting (grades 9-12). The high school program is approved by the Indiana Department of Education Division of Professional Standards and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Saint Mary’s students planning to complete the secondary education minor must have a major or complete the approved coursework in one of the following: business, English, modern languages (French, Spanish), mathematics, science (science majors must complete licensing requirements in one of the following areas: chemistry or life science), history (history majors must complete additional coursework in political science and one of the following: sociology, psychology, economics), political science (political science majors must complete additional coursework in history and one of the following: sociology, psychology, economics).

Minor in Secondary Education (33 hours)
All of the following:

  • EDUC 201 Foundations for Teaching in a Multicultural Society
  • EDUC 220 Applied Media and Instructional Technology
  • EDUC 345 Curriculum and Assessment in Middle/High School
  • EDUC 346 Literacy Strategies and Classroom Management in Middle/High School
  • EDUC 350 Educational Psychology: Human Growth and Development of the Middle/High School Student
  • EDUC 356 Educational Psychology: Educating Exceptional Learners in Middle/High School

One of the following:

  • EDUC 474 Student Teaching in Middle/High School
  • EDUC 475 Student Teaching in High School

One of the following:

  • EDUC 443 Teaching Social Studies in Middle/High School
  • EDUC 445 Teaching Modern Languages in Middle/High School
  • EDUC 447 Teaching English in Middle/High School
  • EDUC 449 Teaching Science in Middle/High School
  • EDUC 451 Teaching Mathematics in Middle/High School