Greater Campus Dining Value for Students

To fulfill our commitment to excellence in every aspect of a Saint Mary’s College experience, we welcome students back to the College with a new model for campus dining: one that ensures quality, equity, and community both within and outside our campus. This change is an investment in our students. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are to welcome the University of Notre Dame’s Campus Dining team as our new dining providers! 

This is a landmark change for the Saint Mary’s community –– one that brings many benefits with it for our students. These benefits include:

Tri-campus Dining:
All Saint Mary’s students will now have full access not only to Saint Mary’s dining establishments, but also to all dining halls at the University of Notre Dame and Holy Cross College. This ensures that all on-campus students have access to meals––and the social activities that are meal-dependent –– regardless of which campus they call home and without added cost. Meal swipes will be just as easy to use at Saint Mary’s as in the University of Notre Dame’s and Holy Cross College’s dining halls.
Impressive Variety:
Before this transition, the “Munch Money” included with meal plans could only be used at Saint Mary’s and with a very limited number of area establishments. “Flex Points” will replace Munch Money, with expanded coverage at all Notre Dame retail dining locations (e.g., Au Bon Pain, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, Hagerty Family Cafe, Modern Market, Star Ginger, Starbucks, Subway, Smashburger, Taco Bell, De Grasta, Charron Family Commons, Decio, and Cafe Commons).
Mission Alignment:
A commitment to the mission of institutions founded in the Holy Cross tradition is a hallmark of Notre Dame’s Campus Dining program. Priorities include environmental stewardship and social responsibility aligning with Laudato Si (the Papal encyclical concerning our shared responsibility to steward the earth and its resources), the promotion of vegan and vegetarian options, and an emphasis on culturally diverse cuisines. Additionally, all students with meal plans will now have a dining option over academic breaks and holidays during the semester.
Culinary Excellence:
Saint Mary’s will join a family of institutions that have become known for offering one of the best dining programs in the country. Notre Dame Campus Dining embraces future-forward cuisines, menus, and offerings, best-in-class nutritional awareness and support, and a firm commitment to excellence that will now be enjoyed by our students as their own.
Best-in-Class Safety Standards:
Inspired in part by the confidence we have in the Notre Dame Campus Dining program’s rigorous approach to health and safety, we made this late-stage change for the fall semester. COVID-19 prevention is the heart of our reopening plan. Notre Dame Campus Dining shapes its standards through consultation with internationally renowned health experts. We will implement these standards on our campus as well because your health and safety is our greatest concern.

This change for Saint Mary’s brings with it the need to realign our meal plan options to those provided by the University of Notre Dame. In order to improve quality, variety, and flexibility without increasing costs for students, we will enroll all returning students who live on campus in a meal plan that offers 15 meal swipes weekly and $250 in Flex Points each semester. This plan ensures sufficient meals for all students with the built-in options, increasing the number of Flex Points that were previously offered under the Sodexo plans. New and incoming students will have a choice of two plans and can opt to receive 19 meal swipes weekly plus $100 in Flex Points each semester OR 15 meal swipes per week plus $250 in Flex Points each semester. 

While these plan details and the partner providing them have changed, Saint Mary’s confirms no change in meal plan prices for the fall. We will replace the Belle’s Blue plan with expanded options for commuter and graduate students, who will now be able to purchase meal and flex point bundles in the quantities that they desire.


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