Conboy Ignites Nationwide Challenge for Campus Voter Participation

Inspired by the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, Saint Mary’s College president, Dr. Katie Conboy, has challenged every women’s college in the United States to join the 100@100 Challenge, to encourage 100 percent of eligible student voters to exercise their right to vote in the November election. 

In a personal letter delivered to each of the 35 all-women college presidents in the United States, Conboy urgently called for campus leaders to ignite interest and participation in the upcoming elections. 

“Today, I offer a challenge to you, as leaders of all-women’s colleges in the United States, to join Saint Mary’s in the 100@100 Challenge,” Conboy said. “The 100@100 Challenge recognizes the political struggles of the women who worked so hard for the right to vote nationwide in 1920. As women’s colleges, we can work together to inspire 100 percent of our eligible student voters to exercise their responsibility to vote this November, as a way to mark the 100-year anniversary of the 19th Amendment. Women’s colleges play a special role in developing the leaders of the future. This anniversary year offers a unique incentive to ensure that women’s voices are heard.”

The 100@100 Challenge announcement was made as voter registration and absentee ballot deadlines approach. She emboldened campus leaders to encourage eligible student voters to participate in the election, provide resources, and assist students in accessing absentee ballots. 

Conboy’s challenge also noted the complexities of the 19th amendment’s ratification in 1920. 

“Not all women shared in the victory. Barriers to the ballot box kept Black citizens away from the polls for another 45 years, breached finally by the Voting Rights Act of 1965,” she said. “Even today, exercising the right to vote remains an ongoing struggle for too many in our country. We must all keep working to guarantee the right for everyone to vote.”

If you're not sure what the deadline is in your state, we can help. This, along with a host of other resources can be found in the Office of Civic and Social Engagement.

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