Meet Our Students

Our students are our strength as a department. They participate not only in the classroom, but also as assistants in the laboratory and stockroom, as members of the Saint Mary's Affiliate of the American Chemical Society and in other campus organizations. Our students are encouraged to and very often participate in chemical research, either on the Saint Mary's campus or at another institution, typically in NSF-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) sponsored by the National Science Foundation.  We are proud of the accomplishments of our current students and our alumnae.

Class of 2015 - Katherine Bussey, Yeilyn Colón Rodriguez, Mary Kathleen Hussey, Dara Márquez Venegas, Samanatha Moorhead, Erin Reinhart, Sara Santiaguel

Class of 2014 - Azunne Anigbo, Haley Gordon, Mercedes Granier, Anna Hall, Theresa Her, Emily Traversa, Adelia Tuse

Class of 2013 - Victoria Darling, Cassandra Jerkovic, Megan Kloc, Erin Masko, Corryn Neumann, Elizabeth Robbins, Stefanie Schwab, Kalee Swanson, Diana Vega Pantoj

Class of 2012 - Mary Bevilacqua, Taylor Chamberlain, Teresa Cristarella, Sunee Fleshman, Megan Gin, Meghann Mouratides, Madalynn Peterek, Madeleine Powell, Natalie Vantwoud, Angela Willson, Caitlyn Wonski

Class of 2011 – Elizabeth Bajema, Paige Fairchild, Christine Jandrain, Kara Joseph, Amerlia McGannon, Nila Paramoi, Mary Kathleen Parsons, Alexandra Petlick, Christina Robakowski, Stephanie Smiy, Stephanie Waite, Casandra Williams

Class of 2010 – Justine Debelius, Alissa Donahue, Margaret Fleming, Megan Hughes, Huong Pham, Barbie Shaw, Christina Smotherman

Class of 2009 – Allison Buddie, Whitney Fron, Alicen Miller, Kristi Pellegrini, Brittni Qualizza

Class of 2008 - Bernadette Broderick, Johnelle Halteman, Erin Heck, Christine Herdman, Emily Herman, Marisa Gross, Sara Nielsen, Kitrina Souther

Class of 2007 - Megan Boyle, Ardis Copenhaver, Melissa Newland, Melissa Ryan, Katharine White

Class of 2006 - Marsha DeSmet, Stephanie Dolph, Nicole Marie Gifford, Nona Hollenbaugh, DeAnna Travis, Staci Van Lue