Dance Course Offerings

DANC 144 Modern Dance Technique: Beginning An introduction to movement concepts of modern dance. Designed for students with no previous movement training. May be repeated.
DANC 145 Ballet Technique: Beginning An introduction to basic ballet technique and terminology.  Designed for students with no previous movement  training.  May be repeated.
DANC 146 Improvisation Movement exploration in response to given problems or ideas. Emphasis on individual movement and group interaction.
DANC 148 Jazz Technique: Beginning A practical course in contemporary jazz technique with application to musical theatre. May be repeated.
DANC 149 Body Conditioning I

An introduction to Pilates conditioning process includes beginning mat, stretch band, fitness circle and foam roller workouts. The reformer (equipment work) will be introduced. Muscle groups are strengthened through a series of resistance exercises. General knowledge of muscle groups, movement, function, and personal alignment will be explored.

DANC 150 Tap Technique: Beginning An exploration in basic tap technique developing elementary concepts at the beginning level.
DANC 240 Introduction to Dance A survey of dance as an art form presented in both lecture and studio format. This course includes a brief history of dance and dance theatre, a survey of dance in relation to other fine art forms and a basic introduction to the creative choreographic process. Movement analysis, evaluation and criticism will be explored through kinetic and literary exercises. the practical experience of this course is intended to develop the student's personal aesthetic and appreciation of dance. This course satisfies the fine arts requirement.
DANC 241 Contemporary Issues in Dance This course addresses contemporary issues in the ballet and modern dance idioms in the 20th century. through the study of history and aesthetics, major works and choreographers will be analyzed through film, video, criticism and creative exploration. This course satisfies the fine arts requirement.
DANC 242 Dance Composition An exploration of the creative choreographic process incorporating elements of composition. Improvisation will be used as a tool for forming ideas, developing movement vocabulary and creative problem solving. Solo and group choreography will be explored.
DANC 243 Dance Ensemble Workshop (DEW) Variable credit offered for performance and production. Student must be concurrently enrolled in a technique class. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credit hours. By audition only.
DANC 244 Modern Dance Technique: Intermediate

A course exploring various approaches to technique, with emphasis on the concepts of weight, space, time and flow.  

Prerequisite: DANC 144 or consent of the instructor. May be repeated.

DANC 245 Ballet Technique: Intermediate

A technique course with an emphasis on correct alignment and proper execution of barre and center exercise.  

Prerequisite: DANC 145 or consent of the instructor. May be repeated.

DANC 247 Classical Pointe Technique: Beg/Intermediate A course for the intermediate ballet student who wishes to explore an extension of ballet technique. Proper alignment and strength will be emphasized in building a strong basic pointe foundation.
DANC 248 Jazz Technique: Intermediate

Jazz technique at a more advanced level with emphasis on performance and styles.  

Prerequisite: DANC 148 or consent of the instructor. (Elective) May be repeated.

DANC 249 Body Conditioning II The course is an extension of Body Conditioning I. Beginning mat and r eformer work will be reviewed before proceeding to intermediate work. Students will experience a more intense conditioning process and further investigate conditioning for injuries.
DANC 250 Tap Technique: Intermediate A course for the student who wishes to continue study and be challenged by intermediate/advanced level tap technique. The physical course is accompanied by vocabulary development in written form. Performance exams evaluate technical progress.
DANC 342 Dance Composition II An extension of Dance Composition I, this course incorporates complex theories and ideas in composition and improvisation. Development of the students personal artistic voice will be nurtured through creation and manipulation of movement material in solo and group work. Performance and production elements will be emphasized as part of the advanced study of choreography.
DANC 344 Modern Dance Technique: Advanced

A more advanced technique course with an emphasis on execution and expression.  

Prerequisite: DANC 244 or consent of the instructor. May be repeated.

DANC 345 Ballet Technique: Advanced

A continuation of ballet technique with an emphasis on accuracy, style, intricate combinations, strength, endurance and more complete vocabulary.  

Prerequisite: Placement audition.

DANC 347 Pointe Technique

A course for the advanced ballet student in the technique of pointe work.  

Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. May be repeated.

DANC 348 Jazz Technique: Advanced

A continuation of jazz technique providing a stimulating and rigorous application of both the traditional jazz dance vocabulary and contemporary styles. The course prepares the dancer for complex group and solo work for concert performance video, and musical theatre.

Prerequisite: placement audition

DANC 390 Special Topics in Dance

Courses in technique and/or theory. Possible topics: Labantotation, Laban Movement Analysis, Pedagogy, Dance in World Cultures, Music for Dancers, Liturgical and Sacred Dance, Ballet Variations, Historical Social Dance, Folk Dance, Irish, Tap.

DANC 397 Independent Study

Research for the advanced student.  

Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

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