Theatre Course Offerings

THTR 135 Introduction to Theatre A broad and comprehensive view of theatre and how it communicates. Fulfills the fine arts requirements. Offered every semester.
THTR 205 Introduction to Acting Exploration of the elements of a realistic acting technique. Emphasis upon the application of these techniques to two-character scenes. Fulfills the fine arts requirement. Offered every semester.
THTR 245 Stagecraft An introduction to the techniques of the backstage world. Areas of study include scenic and property construction, scenic painting, stage lighting, theatre safety and special effects.
THTR 265 Play Analysis for the Theatre Reading and analyzing play texts from theatrical and literary perspectives. Fulfills the fine arts requirement. Offered once every year.
THTR 305 Characterization Exploration of the process of characterization with emphasis on techniques of physical transformation and psychological realism. Prerequisite: THTR 205
THTR 355 Voice and Movement Development of techniques based on understanding and integration of body/mind. Areas of study include body image, body awareness, alignment, relaxation, stage combat, voice production and vocal work on literature.
THTR 360 Oral Interpretation

The study and analysis of literature through performance. Students will gain experience in the epic, lyric, and dramatic modes of solo performance in addition to a beginning exploration of ensemble work in a performance study. (also listed as COMM 360).

THTR 375 Rehearsal and Performance Rehearsal and performance of a faculty-directed production. Participation as an assistant director, stage manager or actor in a 5-6 week rehearsal/performance period. May be repeated for up to a maximum of 9 hours of credit. Prerequisite: Audition, consent of the instructor.
THTR 377 Playwriting I Principles of writing for the stage. Emphasis on dramatic structure, character development, plot management, dialogue and critical analysis.
THTR 378 Contemporary Drama An examination of the texts and movements which comprise contemporary theatre in England and America.
THTR 380 History of Theatre A study of the development of theatrical art, including the physical theatre, production practices and cultural contexts, from the beginnings in primitive rituals through contemporary time.
THTR 405 Styles of Acting A technique to equip the contemporary actor to deal more comfortably with the textual and stylistic problems of acting in period plays. Prerequisite: THTR 205 and 305.
THTR 410 Advanced Topics in Acting Courses for advanced actors. Possible topics: improvisation, Restoration and 18th-century styles, Greek style, musical theatre, and audition techniques.
THTR 430 Theatre Management The principles and practice of producing for the commercial stock, resident college, and community theatre.
THTR 445 Scene Design An in-depth introduction to scenic, costume and light design for the stage from concept to rendering.
THTR 455 Costume Design The theory and practice of costume design, including design projects. 
THTR 475 Stage Directing Emphasis on techniques and styles of directing for the stage. Readings, exercises, and directing project.
THTR 477 Playwriting II Principles of dramatic writing focusing on the full-length form. Experiments with a variety of techniques of composition including improvisation, historical research and oral history. Prerequisite: THTR 377
THTR 480 Production Projects Planning and execution of a large-scale project. Students may design for a faculty-directed show or choose to direct a project themselves. Students taking their comprehensive in theatre will sign up for this course, select, analyze, design, direct and produce a one-act play during their senior year of study.
THTR 488 Practicum Individual practical projects for the advanced student. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. May be repeated for up to six hours of credit.
THTR 490 Special Topics in Theatre Studies Seminars in theatre. Sample topics: production theory, women and the stage, theories of acting, American playwrights. May be repeated for credit.
THTR 497 Independent study Research for the advanced student. Permission required.
THTR 499 Internship Practical off-campus experience in theatre-related field at an approved site.  Jointly supervised by a faculty member and a representative from the sponsoring organization.