Theatre Senior Comprehensive

The Senior Comprehensive in Theatre is a year-long process which begins in the fall of the fourth year. The student chooses a play to analyze in written form during the fall semester and to "actualize" in a live production during the spring semester.

This is a capstone experience which involves the knowledge gleaned from the play analysis, acting courses, voice & movement, stagecraft and directing. An advisor is on hand for consultation, but the faculty encourages the student to make her own creative choices in terms of script selection, performance venue, design choices, casting, and rehearsal strategies.

A short reflection paper is the third and final step of the comprehensive process.

Recent projects have been as diverse as the 19th century Symbolist play The Intruder, Ionesco's well-known absurd piece, The Bald Soprano, a very current Murray Schisgal comedy, Tennessee Williams one-acts, and interesting experimental works with dance, mime and movement. This project can easily accommodate a student's primary interest in theatrical literature.

For more information about the Senior Comprehensive in Theatre, contact Professor Katie Sullivan.