March 22, 2013

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Team/Sister Team Updates
Community Service
BB: Pete’s classes;
SB: training trip; game tomorrow; Wednesday cancelled;
CC: spring practices-Monday; Kentucky Derby Marathon;
VB: spring practices; sister-team dinner with tennis;
golf: training trip; practices; prom dress drive community service;
Tennis: training trip; first home match tonight and tomorrow;
Soccer: spring practices and Pete; another community service on April 27th;
Swim: sister team dinner Sunday; Easter with Logan center with soccer;

Social Media: keep up with athlete of the week; cover photo changes with seasons;
   -Bulletin Board: team photos needed;
   -SGA: last exec. meeting; turning over people;
   -Convent Event: ice cream party with sisters on April 21st; they supply ice cream; we bring toppings; 2 or 2:30?

April 11th Awards (has to be finalized by next meeting): need swag pictures from swim; majors from swim; scrap award for finish in conference; sister team-go back through agenda; cowbell-team award; captain award-all captains for all sports; Pete’s classes-ask Pete for attendance in off-season; community service-extra? Only softball has 4 (one more than required); all teams get two votes-talk with team;

Swimming- cut; April 1st pizza 7:30;

April 19th meeting is the last; start talking to coaches about who’s returning and who’s replacing- two people must be available Fridays at noon;

Upcoming Events
-Tennis and Softball: April 10th home competitions and outdoor picnic
-Tennis @ Bethel: April 11th @ 4pm
-Lacrosse vs. Grace: April 11th @ 6:30
-D3 week party: April 11th at 8 in Angela

Pete’s Classes
Monday: 2 slightly different sessions- 5:15-6:30pm and 7:00-8:00pm (second session has no core work)
Tuesdays: 6:30-7:45pm
Thursdays: 5:15-6:30pm

**Email Teams by Midnight Sunday**
Copy your coach, Shanlynn, Anna, Julie and Erin to email
Next Meeting: April 5th, Dalloways