Download the Full Program with Presentation Titles The Saint Mary's Symposium of research and creative scholarship is Friday, April 13, 2018. This second annual event features a full day of presentations by both faculty and students. The day starts at 9 a.m. with over 35 presentations and culminates with a senior showcase and social hour beginning at 4 p.m. To view the full listing of presentations, please download the 2018 Program.


Panel Sessions
Student Center

9 – 9:10 a.m.


Vander Vennet Theatre

Laura Williamson Ambrose, associate professor of humanistic studies

9:10 – 10:30 a.m.

Session 1 – Environment

Earley Conference Rooms

Oral Presentations by:
Katie Frego ’18
Makenzie Duncan ’18
Morgan Matthews ’18

Poster Presentations by:
Heather Miller ’19
Leann Tulisiak ’18

Margaret Gleason ’20
Allison Pudlo ’17, research assistant

Session 2 – Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Vander Vennet Theatre

Presentations by: 
Ula Gaha, faculty librarian; Catherine Pellegrino, interim library director; and Suzanne Hinnefeld, faculty librarian
Aaron Bremyer, director of writing center; and writing tutors
Kay Thursby ’18

10:40 – 12 p.m.

Session 1 – Living Well

Earley Conference Rooms

Presentations by:
Calli Versagli ’09, assistant professor of biology
Adrian Milos ’19
Kaitlin Ryczek ’18
Brooke Younker ’18

Session 2 – Storytelling: Margin to Center

Vander Vennet Theatre

Presentations by:
Jamie Wagman, assistant professor of history and gender and women’s studies
Sandra Úsuga Giraldo, lecturer of modern languages
Veronika Hanks ’18
Krista Hoefle, associate professor of art, Dionne Bremyer, assistant professor of English, Mary Brophy ’18, Susan Kratzer ’18, Riley Harber ’19, and Stephanie Johnson ’18

12 – 1 p.m.

Break for lunch

On your own

1 – 2:20 p.m.

Session 1 – Medieval Matters

Earley Conference Rooms

Presentations by:
Sarah Noonan, assistant professor of English
Margaret Gower, assistant professor of religious studies
Jessalynn Bird, assistant professor of humanistic studies
Cheryl Periton, lecturer of mathematics and computer science

Session 2 – Crime, Justice, & Politics: A Roundtable

Earley Conference Rooms

Presentations by:
Alexandria Shambery ’18
Kayla Zellmer ’18
Jordan Lolmaugh ’19
Jalyn King ’20

Session 3 – Sound & Communication

Vander Vennet Theatre

Presentations by:
Natalie Dock ’19, Katie Goble ’18, Carmela LaGambina-Lockwitz ’18, and Emily Miron ’18
Kathryn McGowan ’19
Riley Harber ’19

2:30 – 3:50 p.m.

Session 1 – Migration & Mobility

Vander Vennet Theatre

Presentations by:
Vanessa Young, assistant professor of biology
Melissa Montes ’18
Peter Wang, visiting assistant professor of art
Nicole Caratas ’18

Session 2 – Gender, Race, & Popular Culture: A Roundtable

Earley Conference Rooms

Presentations by:
Terri Suico, assistant professor of education
Julia Sturges ’18
Wankelman ’20

Senior Showcase & Cocktail Hour
Rice Commons

4 – 5 p.m.


President Janice A. Cervelli


A senior voice recital – Katherine Freed ’18
A reading – Olivia Jones ’18
A TED-style talk – Stephanie Stapleton ’18

Poster Presentations

Mia Kincaid ’18

Morgan Kinniry ’18
Darya Bondarenko ’18

Business and Economics:
Sarah Connaughton ’18, Anna McCambridge ’18, Ming Sun ’18, and Mary Clare Vicenzi ’18
Lillian Freund '18, Theresa McSorley '18, Katherine Ryan '18, and Jamie Moran ‘18 in absentia

Leah Buck '18 (ND '19)
Catherine (Kate) McMahon '18

Communication Studies:
Emily Lenahan '18
Colleen Zewe '18

Communicative Sciences and Disorders:
Emily Baert '18, Hannah Beach '18, and Katherine Goble '18

Martha Reilly '18

Environmental Studies:
Jennifer Hagenauer '18
Malia Hosoi-Gallucci '18

Gender and Women’s Studies:
Caitlin Mahoney '18
Nina Steele '18

Global Studies:
Louise Chetcuti '18
Megan Uekert '18

Lillian Cronin '18
Alison Tipton '18

Humanistic Studies:
Anastasia Bradley '18
Katherine Piscione '18

Mathematics and Computer Science:
Emma Foley '18 (ND '19)
Sarah Kaltenbach '18 (ND '19)

Modern Languages:
Michelle Casado '18
Emma Green '18

Franny Wall '18

Political Science:
Susan Kratzer '18
Morgan York '18

Mara Egeler '18
Samantha Ricciuti '18

Social Work:
Marilla Opra '18
Evelyn Martinez '18, Eileen Monahan '18, and Alaine Murawski '18

Emily Baert '18

Career Crossings:
Kayse McGough '18
Clare McKinney '18

Student Independent Study and Research (SISTAR) Awards

Presentations by:
Monica McGrath ’19 and Jacob Duncan, assistant professor of mathematics and computer science
Kristie LeBeau '18 and Leslie Wang, associate professor of sociology
Jenny Hagenauer '18 and Amy Gillan, associate professor of education

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