Alicante, Spain

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Alicante, the jewel of the Costa Blanca beaches stretched along the Mediterranean, is a harbor city that is both rich in history and pleasantly relaxed. The city’s long promenades and endless white beaches have long been guarded by the Castle of Santa Barbara on top of the Benacantil Mountain. The culture, architecture, language, and people have all been shaped by the traders and conquerors – Phoenicians, Greeks, Roman and Arabs – who left their imprint on this axis of trading routes over the centuries.

Students that opt for this course of study attend classes alongside other international students for whom Spanish is not their first language.

Designed as a language-intensive program at the intermediate to advanced Spanish levels students will benefit from a rich language-focused curriculum, taught by professors at Universidad de Alicante (UA). CC-CS students in this program also benefit from a unique culture course taught by the Resident Director called Social & Cultural Realities of Spain. This course allows you to synthesize your immersion experience from understanding daily life in the home stay to the historic and sociological foundations of Spain's current social reality (Spanish Studies Abroad-Alicante).

Eligibility and Requirements

Saint Mary’s students wishing to study in Alicante must have completed two semesters of elementary Spanish with a minimum of a 3.0 (B) average in Spanish courses and have an overall GPA of 3.0.

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Jennifer Zachman
Associate Professor, Modern Languages
Faculty Coordinator of Study Abroad Programs
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