Facilities and Nature Area

Dick Jensen and students
Dick Jensen and students in the

The Department of Biology occupies the entire second floor of the science building as well as parts of the lower level and penthouse. Facilities in the Department include student laboratories, classrooms, faculty/student research laboratories, preparation rooms, lounges for faculty and students, a seminar room and offices for faculty and staff. Specialized features include a cold room, a tissue culture lab, microbiology transfer rooms, an incubator room, a photographic darkroom, a field storage room for field equipment, a canoe, and a row-boat, and a large green-house and associated prep rooms. In addition to two general biology labs for students, specialized labs exist for physiology, anatomy, microbiology, genetics/behavior, botany, cell/molecular biology, and ecology/environmental biology.  Animal facilities provide rooms for both warm- and cold-blooded animals with IACUC-approved caging and care.


George and Juanda Bick Nature Area

Adjacent to the campus is a one hundred acre nature area that includes a two and a half mile trail as well as study areas for a variety of habitats. This nature area is named after retired faculty members, George and Juanda Bick, whose work and dedication made it an integral part of the biology program.

"The Saint Mary’s Nature Area is not a park artificially beautified for your enjoyment; it is not a forest cultivated for commercial purposes; it is not an area managed for wildlife. Rather, it is an area which henceforth will be left undisturbed, where any changes which might occur will be by Him, not by us. The area is for enjoyment of the natural scene even though strictly natural conditions did not always prevail in the past. It is for looking, listening, studying, contemplating, photographing. Therefore there should be no hunting, collecting, smoking, or casting aside of any evidence of your visit.” -George H. Bick, 1970, original trail guide


Dr. Doris Watt on Nature TrailDr. Doris Watt on Nature Trail


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