Department of Biology

Department of Biology

The Department of Biology personifies the idea of discovery. Students can explore a broad range of courses, as well as a rich diversity of learning opportunities—in laboratories, classrooms, and the field—as a way to customize their experience around their specific interests as they relate to the natural sciences.

We keep our classes and lab groups small to ensure personalized instruction. Our atmosphere is one that supports and encourages students as much as it challenges them. And our programs emphasize hands-on learning through in-depth laboratory and fieldwork, as well as significant research opportunities that aren’t typically found at the undergraduate level.


We offer a Bachelor of Science (BS) in biology, with concentrations in integrative biology; ecology, evolution, and environmental biology; and cellular/molecular biology. In addition to a wide range of elective courses from which to choose, all biology majors complete an independent research project in collaboration with a faculty mentor to develop the hands-on skills critical for success in the field.


The faculty in the Department of Biology is comprised of accomplished experts and scholars who match their passion for the natural sciences with a dedication to teaching and mentoring. Their areas of research interests include vertebrate physiology, microbiology, human genetics, plant systematics, pollination ecology, plant chemical ecology, evolutionary biology, molecular biology, and ornithology and animal behavior.


Biology majors take advantage of excellent facilities and resources, which include a tissue culture lab, microbiology transfer rooms, an incubator room, warm- and cold-blooded animal rooms, and specialized labs for physiology, anatomy, microbiology, genetics/behavior, botany, cell/molecular biology, and ecology/environmental biology. And the 100-acre George and Juanda Bick Nature Area adjacent to campus offers an abundance of trails and study areas for a variety of habitats.


You’ll find our biology alumnae achieving great things all over the country, and as part of the Saint Mary’s sisterhood, they serve as valuable professional connections. Saint Mary’s graduates have been accepted at medical and dental schools such as Harvard, Duke, Georgetown, Northwestern, Indiana, and many others. With a degree in biology, you’ll be well prepared for medical, dental, veterinary, and other related graduate schools, as well as a diverse range of careers.