Where can a Chemistry degree from Saint Mary's take you?


There are many possibilities for someone receiving a chemistry degree from Saint Mary's College. Here are some of the avenues that our alumnae have traveled!

Industrial or Government position

This is where many of our graduates find success. The chemical industry is always looking for people who not only are trained chemists, but also have the writing and speaking skills that are a hallmark of a Saint Mary's College graduate. Possible positions include: Quality Control, Lab Technician, Sales, Product Manager, Analyst.

Graduate School

A BS in chemistry (particularly the certified degree) offers a solid preparation for graduate study in chemistry. Recent graduates have been accepted into the graduate programs at M.I.T., the University of Michigan, The Ohio State University, Northwestern, University of California, and the University of Notre Dame. Our graduates hold doctorates from Stanford University, Harvard University, Texas A&M, and Johns Hopkins, to mention a few. Most graduate schools pay stipends and grant tuition remission for their students. This means you GET PAID TO GO TO GRADUATE SCHOOL! A graduate degree can lead to a position of greater responsibility in industry or a position in academia.


A Dual Degree Engineering Program is available at Saint Mary's in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame. Any interested student should talk to Toni Barstis for more information.

Professional School (Medicine, Dental, Vet and Law)

A chemistry degree with the biochemistry concentration provides excellent preparation for medical or dental school as well for advanced study for other health-related professions. Chemistry graduates who enter law school often pursue careers in patent or environmental law or specialize in government regulatory legislation.

Some other routes

A chemistry major also prepares you for careers in: Scientific Writing, Chemical Sales, Forensic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sales

You can also check out ChemJobs, a service of the American Chemical Society, where you can post your resume and look for employment.

As you can see, there is a lot a student can do with a chemistry degree. Have questions?

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