Let’s change lives together

It takes a unique type of person to become a teacher. Someone who wants to inspire young minds and help children not only experience and learn new things, but see the world from new and bigger vantage points. If you’re ready to make an impact as a teacher, we’re here to help you get a strong start to your career.

Together we will build your practical skills, develop your leadership style, and uncover your passion to shape today’s children into tomorrow leaders.

Work with students in local schools

Are you ready for some real experience? Once you start your core work in education, we’ll have you in local schools assisting talented teachers in the classroom. Our field work program has a well-developed structure that will allow you to build your knowledge and experience incrementally as you work side-by-side with department faculty. Through this process, you’ll gain valuable experience, build confidence, and establish skills that one day you can put to use in your own classroom.

Teaching Options in Elementary Education

We offer a bachelor's degree (BA) in elementary education with the expectation that teacher candidates will apply for an Indiana teaching license (grades K-6) upon completion of the program. The state of Indiana requires the elementary teacher candidate to complete an additional licensure or minor area.

Elementary generalist (BA with an additional minor)

Eligible for licensure in grades K–6: Students major in elementary education as a generalist and receive a bachelor's degree in education and must choose a minors or licensure program. Talk to your advisor about what options are available


Eligible for licensure in grades P–12: Students major in art and complete the visual arts education licensure program.

Early childhood education

Grades P–2: Complete a minor in early childhood education
(This is a College minor, not a licensure program)


Grades P–12: Students major in elementary (or secondary) education with a minor in English as a second language/bilingual/bicultural education
(This is a College minor. It leads to ESL licensure if requirements for the elementary or secondary program are also completed.)


Grades P–12: Students major in music education and complete the music education licensure program.

Reading (elementary/reading)

Grades P–12: Students major in elementary education with licensure in reading.

Special Education (elementary/mild intervention)

Grades K–6: Students major in elementary education with mild intervention lIcensure. Click to get more information on working with exceptional children.